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High Intensity Warm-Up Drills

High Intensity Warm-Up Drills

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Turn simple warm-up drills into competitive drills!

with Ron Kordes,
Assumption (KY) High School Head Coach,
2012 AVCA National High School Coach of the Year;
19x State Championship Coach; Club Director and Coach at Asics Kiva Club

Get a variety of drills to warm-up your team and push them physically, all the while getting a lot of touches on the ball.

  • Learn 2-, 3- and 4-man ball control drills that will get your players a lot of touches in a short amount of time
  • Discover ways to alter a drill to make it more intense or to fit your players' abilities
  • Incorporate goals into warm-ups to get your players' best effort

Ron Kordes shows seven drills, with variations, that will help coaches elevate their normal practice warm-up routine. These drills focus on being goal-oriented and competitive, which will help increase the intensity level for your players. Not only will athletes warm up and work on skills, they will also learn how to compete and prepare themselves for game situations.

Ball Control Drills

This drill series consists of small groups ranging from 2-4 people per group that work on footwork and ball control. The drills cover skills such as passing and movement. Coach Kordes demonstrates how to make each drill competitive. This allows players to either compete against each other or shoot for a particular goal. Great for the beginning of practice where players warm-up, work on skills and start competing right away.

Pepper Series

These drills progress from small group drills and work on passing, hitting, blocking, and covering. Coach Kordes explains how each drill can be tailored to fit your needs. Each drill allows room for many skills to work on and for players of all skill levels. The drills in this section can be both cooperative and competitive. Even though these drills are common warm-up drills, they'll spice up the intensity of your practices.

The start to your practices will be more lively if you apply these competitive strategies to your warm up drills. Coach Kordes shows a variety of warm up drills perfect for any level of play. The competitive additions can create a whole new game-like atmosphere for your team's practices.

51 minutes. 2016.