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High Octane Tennis 3-Pack

High Octane Tennis 3-Pack

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Featuring Bruce Gullikson,
USPTA Elite Professional; President, USPTA Northern Division;
High Performance Certified;
Head Tennis Professional at Lifetime 98th St Club

This three-video bundle includes:

High Octane Team Tennis Drills

Get your players the reps they need to improve their tennis skills - even when court space is limited

  • Get drills and variations you can use with a large number of players and limited court space
  • Learn large group games that deliver high reps and polish individual skills
  • Discover doubles strategies for improving positioning, movement and court awareness

65 minutes. 2015.

High Octane Individual Tennis Drills

Develop highly skilled tennis players using drills that are creative and engaging

  • Improve your players' conditioning and footwork so they can cover the court and defend more balls throughout a match
  • Develop your team's hand-eye coordination, balance, racquet control and shot quality
  • Train your players to hit forehands, backhands and spin shots that will keep opponents off guard

56 minutes. 2015.

Tips, Tricks and Tools for Teaching Tennis

Use fun, creative teaching methods to effectively train players and keep them engaged in practice

  • Learn how to use towels, cones, jump ropes and more to improve swing technique and conditioning
  • Get tips and tricks on how to improve serve, ground stroke and volley efficiency
  • Learn how to use ball hoppers and balance discs to promote a steady weight shift on the serve

54 minutes. 2015.