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How Low Can You Go, Vol. 3 - Beating the Defense

How Low Can You Go, Vol. 3 - Beating the Defense

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Discover new wrinkles and scoring opportunities to the ever-evolving low single-leg attack
  • Attack with a low single-leg when in contact with your opponent
  • Counter the newest defenses to the low single-leg attack
  • Use the threat and pressure of a good low single attack to set up a number of other scoring opportunities from the neutral position

"Incredibly unique, well thought out and complex. Full of stuff that I've never seen before. Really builds off the low single position and the counters others use to try and stuff it." - Customer Review

with John Smith,
Oklahoma State University Head Coach,
5x NCAA Championship coach, 2016 NCAA Runners-Up;
2016 Big 12 Coach of the Year - 9x Big 12 Coach of the Year;
2016 Big 12 Champions - 16 Big 12 Conference Championships;
2x Olympic Gold Medalist,
6x World Champion,
2x NCAA Champion

Legendary NCAA coach and Olympic Gold Medalist John Smith created a technique that was revolutionary 20-30 years ago. What was once thought as almost unstoppable has since become the norm. Now, Coach Smith brings an entirely new series that will revolutionize the low single once again.

The low single-leg takedown should be a staple of every wrestler's arsenal. As the move has evolved over the years, the defense to stop it has changed as well. Coach Smith traces the evolution of the low single-leg takedown and makes modifications to the technique in order to help wrestlers counter defenses created specifically to combat it. He also goes over how to make the low single available from a contact position.

Low Single from Contact: The Snatch Low Single

Traditionally, the low single-leg takedown has been most effect from the outside, requiring space to shoot in and get below an opponent's defense. However, by making a few adjustments to the technique, Coach Smith shows how to get the takedown from an inside attack, using what he calls a reach or "snatch" entry. Now, wrestlers will feel comfortable hitting the low single from a variety of control ties.

Countering Low Single-Leg Defense: Scrambles

Wrestling has changed throughout the years and scrambling has become a natural part of the sport at all levels. Whether it's a knee down, a leg across, an ankle grab, or an attempt at a roll or cradle, Coach Smith shows how to counter the most-frequently deployed defenses against the low single-leg takedown - many of which have been inspired by funk wrestling.

Coach Smith stresses the most important aspects of winning a scramble: covering your ankles, getting your head higher than your opponent's and using the cross face. Similarly, he covers techniques from previous videos, such as peek outs and drags as offensive tools from missed shots, to illustrate how there are scoring opportunities from both good and bad shots.

The great piece of this technique is that it is applicable to both folkstyle and freestyle!

Scoring Off the Threat of a Low Single

Just the threat of a low single-leg can set up offense for a different takedown. Coach Smith uses a "touch and go" philosophy to turn jabs, fake shots, and an opponent's natural reactions into scoring opportunities from snap downs, inside ties, and even a "jump throw."

Coach Smith illustrates six takedowns that are opened up by the low single-leg. The "drag out" is becoming a popular takedown that is set up by the low single-leg. Coach Smith covers each takedown in full detail to help ensure a clear understanding of the technique to help every wrestler be able to score points.

He finishes his series with a throw that is set up from the low single. It's ironic that one of the greatest leg attackers in the world has set up a throw that is devastating to the opponent once they get out of position. The throw is low risk and has a high level of effectiveness.

Coach Smith does an amazing job of breaking down simple and complicated techniques and positions so that even inexperienced wrestlers can understand. This video is the perfect compliment to How Low Can You Go, Vol. 2. It answers all the most common "what if" questions wrestlers and coaches have regarding the low single-leg takedown.

76 minutes. 2016.