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Jay Entlich Coaching Soccer 4-Pack

Jay Entlich Coaching Soccer 4-Pack

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Featuring Jay Entlich,
Columbus State University Women's Head Coach;
2015 NCAA Division II National Runner-Up, 10 straight NCAA National Tournament Appearances (2006-15), 4x Peach Belt Conference Coach of the Year; 12x Conference Champs

This four-video series includes:

Attacking from a 3-5-2 Formation

Learn the 3-5-2 choreography and the responsibilities for each line of the attack

  • Learn how to cycle your midfielder and forwards into the attack to exploit the defense
  • Learn how to use functional passing drills to demonstrate attacking concepts in practice
  • See examples of off-ball movements that create space and scoring opportunities

68 minutes. 2016.

Developing an Effective Team Attack

Train your team to attack as one!

  • Teach your players to move off the ball and find open passing seams
  • Learn to generate dangerous opportunities in the final third by stretching the defense and finding open players
  • Create pressure by attacking through the midfield with vertical ball movement

52 minutes. 2016.

Progressions for Becoming a More Efficient Shooting and Finishing Team

Learn simple-to-complex progressions for improving your team's shooting and finishing abilities

  • Learn how to improve your players' technical ability and their ability to communicate and work as a team
  • "Rehearse" game-like scenarios so players understand how the proper shape will help them succeed
  • Learn how to train players using the "periodization" concept to incorporate fitness, maximize effort and simulate game-like intensity

53 minutes. 2016.

Possession to Penetrate

Train your players to make smart choices that will help them maintain possession

  • Learn how to use game-like situations to teach possession
  • Gain knowledge on decision making when to possess and when to move forward
  • Learn how to incorporate variations that encourage movement and make exercises more challenging

55 minutes. 2016.