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Joey Woody's Strategies and Training the Sprints 3-pack

Joey Woody's Strategies and Training the Sprints 3-pack

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Featuring Joey Woody,
Director of Track & Field/Cross Country at the University of Iowa;
4x All-American; Silver Medalist in the 2003 World Championships

This three-video set includes:

Sprints & Relays Strategies and Training

Get over 20 drills for warming up, developing sprint mechanics, building workout routines and improving acceleration.

  • Improve the times of your 4x100, 4x200 and 4x400 relay events by perfecting individual and team concepts
  • Learn the difference between relay legs and what's required of the athlete to effectively run each leg
  • Discover the necessary components that go into a successful relay - from start to finish - and the "how" and "why" behind them

80 minutes. 2016.

Sprint and 400M Hurdle Technique & Training

Learn how to identify the hurdlers on your team and then discover over 50 drills to develop and perfect their skills.

  • Discover key differences between sprint and distance hurdlers that will help you develop better training routines
  • Get drills and techniques focused on going into the hurdle, going over the hurdle, and coming off the hurdle
  • Learn a proven four-phase training plan that ranges from the off-season through the competition season

110 minutes. 2016.

Developing Speed & Power for Sprints, Relays and Hurdles

Get over 60 drills for creating explosive movement, developing speed and power, and achieving maximum velocity

  • Learn drills that will develop the acceleration, max velocity, speed endurance and absolute strength of your athletes
  • Design individualized training programs to meet each athlete's needs
  • Discover a training system based on four cycles: general preparation, specific preparation, pre-competition and competition
  • Find out how training the central nervous system can take your program to the next level

164 minutes (2 DVDs). 2016.