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Kevin McGeehan's System

Kevin McGeehan's System

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Featuring with Kevin McGeehan, Campbell University Head Coach;
former Associate Head Coach at Richmond

This three-video series includes:

Open Practice: Individual Drills & Team Drills

  • Get practice drills that simulate attacking the rim and working on finishes while protecting the ball
  • See various entries into Campbell's "spread attack motion offense" that will get shots for your best players in scoring areas
  • Learn how to utilize stats in practice and games to increase team and individual performance

147 minutes. 2015.

The Spread Motion Attack Offense

  • Learn how to spread the court on offense using constant movement on and off the ball
  • Learn an offense that will allow you to play your best five players, regardless of their size
  • Teach players how to read defenders to create opportunities for their teammates and themselves
  • Discover a versatile offense that is equally effective for both undersized teams and teams with skilled power forwards and centers

85 minutes. 2015.

The Adjustable 3-2 Match Up Zone Defense

  • Learn how to blend man-to-man and zone concepts into a more aggressive, difficult-to-recognize defense
  • Learn how to use the match-up zone to help contain a dominant post player
  • Discover ways to stop penetration and significantly lower the effectiveness of ball screen actions
  • Learn how to defend the most common offensive movements and actions with a match-up zone

55 minutes. 2015.