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Kick Start Your Offense with the Two-Man Game

Kick Start Your Offense with the Two-Man Game

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  • Learn how to create confusion and hesitation in your opponent's defense
  • Develop misdirection in your offense and get your athletes playing faster
  • Learn how to take advantage of aggressive defensive slides by training players to pass off the pick
  • Discover how to implement the "Razor Pick" into your offense to free up your top attack man and create scoring opportunities from the backside

with Kevin Cassese, Lehigh University Head Coach;
Back-to-back Patriot League Championships (2012-13);
Team USA Assistant Coach for the 2014 World Lacrosse Championships;
Professional player for the Philadelphia Barrage; MVP of the 2006 MLL All Star Game; All-American at Duke University, won the MacLaughlin Award as the nation's top midfielder in 2002

Kevin Cassese demonstrates how to create offensive opportunities using the two-man game. Coach Cassese discusses how to establish the two-man game using a series of picks and passes and then shows the entire series from all angles. These various techniques give options on dealing with passive and aggressive defenders and show how to take advantage when a defender switches from a long pole to a short stick. Coach Cassese takes you through game scenario adjustments so you'll know how and when to setup the defense when using the two-man game.

Pick and Pass Series
Beginning with the purpose, mission and objectives, Coach Cassese demonstrates how to gain a step on your man, clear your hands to feed and create a favorable match-up while helping the off-ball player gain an advantage. Coach Cassese uses the Pick, Fake Pick, S Pick and Slip Pick with the two-man game to create opportunities. Detailed explanations and demonstrations of the drills help players and coaches see how, when and where to perform them to be most effective.

Flip and Mirror Series
When the defense begins to adjust to the pick and pass series, Coach Cassese has another way to confound them: He uses a series of deception and confusion called the flip, fake flip and mirror series. He shows when and how to use these techniques, and discusses how to use the mirror to take a pole away from a match-up, how to adjust to defensive switching and how to create favorable match-ups.

Two-Man Game Situations
Coach Cassese shares the intricacies taking advantage of whether the defense comes over the top or from below, switches or plays through the pick, and if the match-up is with a short or long-pole, depends on how specifically the pick is set.

Moving behind the goal to X, several easy picks can be set to ensure the offense can beat the defense to the Goal Line Extended (GLE) thereby increasing the chances of scoring. Similar to setting picks up field, setting picks at X has specific considerations to increase the effectiveness of the two-man game. Some of the effective scenarios covered include the double-pick, fish hook, down pick and razor pick. With practice, all of these tools can be effectively applied to your current offense.

This presentation is great for all levels of play. It uses both practice footage and commentary by Coach Cassese to show more than 24 examples of the two-man game that can be implemented to ensure your players' success.

By applying his years of playing and coaching experience, Coach Cassese presents numerous variations of the pick and pick series that can be applied to any existing offense, improving the performance and scoring opportunities of your team.

70 minutes. 2015.