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The Complete Guide to Catching

The Complete Guide to Catching

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Former Florida International University, Pitching & Catching Coach and University of South Carolina Assistant Coach Mark Calvi teaches techniques to keep your catchers playing solid defense. This instructional baseball DVD set features Coach Calvi's in-depth catching analysis from two previously released videos - The Catcher's Big Three: Receiving, Blocking, and Throwing and All-Star Defense for Catchers - now available in this 2-disc set. In Disc 1, Coach Calvi demonstrates the basics of strike zone management and defensive fundamentals that every catcher needs to know. Calvi demonstrates the primary and secondary stances and the proper time to use each. You'll learn how to give signals, proper glove placement, how to expand the strike zone, how to frame pitches, and how to catch different types of pitchers. Coach Calvi will help you keep pressure on baserunners by revealing his four keys to throwing to bases and the proper technique to block any pitch! On disc 2, Calvi takes you step-by-step through the most common situations catchers face: fielding bunts, catching pop flies, plays at the plate, intentional walks, pitchouts, backing up first base, and fielding wild pitches. Coach Calvi shows the techniques of fielding four types of bunts and how to catch pop flies around home plate. He demonstrates how to cover three types of plays at the plate: tags, forces, and late throws from bobbled balls. You'll also learn how to execute intentional walks and pitchouts. If a ball does get past your catcher, Calvi highlights techniques to make a quick recovery. This is a great video for any catcher!DVD. 80 minutes. Produced in 2002 - re-released on DVD in 2010.



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