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Hit Hard and Often! Proper Hitting Techniques

Hit Hard and Often! Proper Hitting Techniques

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2003 US National Coach of the Year and University of South Carolina Head Coach Ray Tanner, and Assistant Coach Monte Lee give a detailed account on the hitting techniques needed to hit the ball hard and often. The tape begins with Coach Tanner discussing the important points concerning bat selection, grip, position in the box and stance. Coach Lee discusses and demonstrates five keys to hitting in-depth: focus, developing rhythm, separation, weight transfer, and staying square. Areas discussed include broad and narrow focus, proper loading and striding, and the four keys points on the body that should be striding to the pitcher. Tanner concludes the DVD by discussing how to correct common faults in hitting such as: lunging, wrapping the bat and not keeping your shoulders square. This is an excellent tape to insure that you are hitting the baseball hard and often! DVD. 37 minutes. 2002. (Re-released on DVD in 2010).

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