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Ron Jackson's Hitting Factory: Power Hitting and Upping Your Average!

Ron Jackson's Hitting Factory: Power Hitting and Upping Your Average!

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with Ron Jackson,
former Boston Red Sox Hitting Coach, 2004 World Champions!

Ron Jackson, hitting coach of the world champion Boston Red Sox, has shaped his hitters to be a great blend of hitting for power and average. In 2003-2004, the Boston Red Sox dominated nearly every offensive category in the major leagues, leading in 10 different categories, and setting all-time major league records for extra-base hits (649), total bases (2,832), and slugging percentage (.491). Jackson has coached some of the best power hitters ever, such as Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz, as well as hitters for average such as Nomar Garciaparra and Johnny Damon. In this video, Ron Jackson teaches and demonstrates how to become a well-rounded hitter who can hit for average and power, and be able to execute in various hitting situations. Jackson outlines the characteristics of a successful hitter for power and for average and how to develop and implement those characteristics and skills through a good approach and practice drills. He gives examples of major league hitters such as Miguel Tejada, Ichiro Suzuki, and former baseball great Rod Carew, to demonstrate how they have found success. Jackson then goes through situational hitting by demonstrating the principles of the hit and run, moving runners, scoring runners, and hitting against various defensive positioning. He also goes through concepts to maximize each at-bat with pitch selection and making adjustments in the hitting approach and how to improve on specific weaknesses a hitter could struggle with such as the inside pitch and off-speed pitches. This is a great video tool for anyone looking to become both a better hitter for average and power! 52 minutes. 2005. DVD.

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