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Scott Stricklin Indoor Practice Drills Series

Scott Stricklin Indoor Practice Drills Series

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Coach Stricklin has put together this excellent, drill-filled, four DVD series, with Championship Productions, to bring forth a series of drills designed specifically for the coach and team that has one of the following:
  • Limited practice facilities,
  • lacks the warm weather climate in the early season to allow for outdoors practice, or
  • for teams in any part of the country that get push inside on a rainy day.
Drills to become more complete players, and a better team, make this a series worth watching again and again! 2006. DVD.

Indoor Practice Drills: Baserunning Drills
with Scott Stricklin,
Kent State University Head Coach

The topic of baserunning is one of the most overlooked areas in teaching baseball. This DVD can help improve baserunning by working on it everyday in practice, starting at home plate. After contact, players must quickly get down the line to first base. Hitting balance will allow a good start down the base path. Thus, the simulated hitting drill should be worked on each day in practice to develop good habits. Turning at first, depending on where the ball is located, is a necessary skill taught in this presentation. Once at first, Stricklin focuses on the leadoff and getting good jumps. He demonstrates the tennis ball drill to help improve jumps when stealing second base. Techniques for executing the hit-and-run are explained with drill work. Stricklin teaches players how to run from first to third safely. Stricklin also teaches proper fundamentals on taking leads off second and third base. The baserunning essentials presented in this DVD add an element to your team that most lack. Proper execution of baserunning teaching points will equal more runs on the scoreboard! 42 minutes. 2006. DVD.

Indoor Practice Drills: Infield Drills
with Scott Stricklin,
Kent State University Head Coach

Because weather pushes baseball players inside, this DVD is a handy guide to improving infield play in the warmth of your own gymnasium. Use these drills to sharpen your edge and prepare for the season ahead. Loosening the arm through drills is a big part of the warm-up. Throwing progression increases in stages of 30 feet, up to 150 feet. Throwing on a line develops good throwing habits. At 150 feet, players begin to work back to 45 feet, where the quick toss drill is implemented. The face-off drill is designed for infielders and catchers to help hand-eye coordination. The backhand and short hop drills \wake hands up and develop soft hands and short hop skills. The Square drill uses five players and works on underhand flips and proper footwork. Double play feeds work on the 6-4-3 double play. Getting to the base quickly, and using good footwork is important. The 4-6-3 double play demonstrates the key coaching points for the second baseman and shortstop. Adding the first baseman, the 3-6-1 and 3-6-3 double play drill provide the same fundamentals, but begin from the first base side. Moving to second base, Stricklin covers the teaching points while making the tag at second. Using a bare hand is stressed in the run down drill. Using three or four players, the Rocket Relay works on glove side catch and relay throws. The outside players execute tags and quick throws. This DVD is a great teaching tool to get ready for the next game or the next season! 38 minutes. 2006. DVD.

Indoor Practice Drills: Hitting Drills
with Scott Stricklin,
Kent State University Head Coach

This excellent DVD is dedicated to hitting and all of the important fundamentals needed to consistently drive the ball. A player's stance and set up is the foundation of a good hitter. Coach Stricklin and his players demonstrate how the feet are a big part of the stance. A good bat grip consists of proper knuckle and elbow alignment, which allows you to whip the bat through the strike zone. A proper stance will require the bat be at a 45-degree angle. A level head will assure that your eyes are also level. The stride follows a good stance. Loading up the backside prepares a hitter for the pitch and is an important aspect of hitting. A good swing relies on the arms staying compact until contact is made, then hitters extend their arms through the hitting zone. Four things must be present for good hitters: head, back, back side and balance. Stricklin believes in the concept of "staying inside the baseball." This means you are short to the baseball and hitting the ball where it's pitched. The first set of drills demonstrates hitting off of a tee. The double tee drill produces two types of hits from two identical swings. To work on the timing mechanism, the soft toss drill gives players lots of hitting opportunities. Other hitting drills include the behind toss, angle toss and front toss. The bounce drill simulates pitches by bouncing the ball off the ground. Moving to the batting cage, players can practice simulated rounds of batting practice. Rounds will develop hitting from different situations such as bunting, hit and run, runner at second with no outs, runner at third base with the infield in, swing away and more. These drills will teach fundamentals and improve productivity and consistency at the plate. 51 minutes. 2006. DVD.

Indoor Practice Drills: Outfielder Drills
with Scott Stricklin,
Kent State University Head Coach

Coach Stricklin demonstrates a number of drills and technique that will allow you to work with your outfielders inside just as efficiently as if you were practicing outside. Concepts presented in this program are footwork, jumps, routes to balls, hitting the cut-off man, and fielding ground balls and line drives. After a body stretch, Stricklin has his outfielders warm-up by throwing on one knee. Throwing starts at 45 feet as they loosen the arm. Distances increase to 150 feet while still throwing on a line. Another throwing drill, the quick toss, develops quick hands and feet. Stricklin teaches a three-step technique when fielding in the outfield. Another fielding drill focuses on the backhand/forehand technique where players move right and left to catch ground balls. Line drive drills teach players footwork and turns in both directions. The line drive back drill puts emphasis on quickly making two steps in the direction of the sprint for the ball. Fly ball drills require more running and excellent footwork, getting behind the ball. Drills like charge the ball, in and out, reaction drill and the communication drill all address important aspects of outfield play. Ball in the Gap drill prepares players to secure the ball and make good throws to cut-off men. Fielding line drives and medium range flys are worked in the Fungo Drill. Getting a good jump and speeding up are two critical pieces of developing this skill. Don't let weather outside determine your improvement! Use these drills to develop outfielder skills inside or out! 29 minutes. 2006. DVD.