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Pitching Drills and Fielding the Position

Pitching Drills and Fielding the Position

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with Rick Mathews,
former Pitching Coordinator and Bullpen Coach for the Colorado Rockies (MLB) for seven seasons;
minor league pitching coordinator with the Colorado Rockies (MLB) for eight seasons;
former Indian Hills Community College Head Coach,
qualifier to the NJCAA World Series,
former Iowa Western Community College Head Coach,
3x qualifier to the NJCAA World Series

Discover over 10 proven drills that will assist your pitchers in executing their pitches to perfection! Rick Mathews calls on his 20 years of Major League Baseball experience to show you how to develop complete pitchers both in delivery mechanics and in fielding the position.

Mathews begins this two-part pitching DVD with drills that will improve your pitcher's delivery. Specifically, these drills will fine-tune your balance, extension, timing and downhill plane. With each drill, Mathews defines the purpose of the drill and explains the key teaching points.

Mathews' essential 6-Step Pitching Program isolates and improves each phase of the delivery mechanics. When executed repeatedly and correctly, this program will improve your pitchers' ability to throw strikes and improve his mechanics.

Great pitchers help their teams by fielding their position. In Part Two, Mathews breaks down the art of fielding the position. He simulates over 10 different fielding situations that your pitchers face in games and breaks down the correct technique to record the out. He includes the 3-1 putout, 3-6-1 double play, bunt coverages, wild pitches, squeeze plays and more. These secondary skills are important to every pitcher as they can "control the damage" on defense. A pitcher who fields his position, wins more games. DVD. 53 minutes. 2009.

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This DVD is part of the set Rick Mathews Pitching 2-Pack.