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Situational Baseball Drills for Team Defense

Situational Baseball Drills for Team Defense

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with Joe Schaefer,
Point Loma Nazarene University Head Coach;
2009 NAIA national runner up; two NAIA World Series appearances;
two conference championships; Eight consecutive postseason appearances

Two of the most challenging aspects of coaching a baseball practice are keeping all of your players active and covering as many game situations as possible. In this baseball DVD from Championship Productions, Joe Schaefer shares eight complete team defensive drills you can use to do both in your limited amount of practice time.

  • All Double Play Drill: Allows infielders in every position practice turning double plays in quick succession.
  • Multi-Purpose Drill: Works on pitch-outs, fielding bunts, covering steals and double plays for infielders and pitchers.
  • Three-line Bunt Drill: Enables your pitching staff to practice three types of bunt situations simultaneously.
  • Flip-Flop Bunt Drill: Simulates bunts to either side of the infield to fine-tune your corner coverage.
  • Pick Stations Drill: Allows your entire pitching staff to work on base running management to all three bases and your catchers to work on pop up throws.
  • Right/Left Dual Fungoes Drill: Get your infielders a large number of reps in a short amount of time.
  • Outfield Assists Drill: A great drill for outfielders and infielders to slow down teams with aggressive base runners.

These are the same drills Coach Schaefer incorporates everyday in practice that have helped produce two NAIA Gold-Glove winners over the past two years. Sharpen your defense this season and get your players more reps in practice!DVD. 43 minutes. 2009.



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