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TCU Baseball Skills and Drills Series

TCU Baseball Skills and Drills Series

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Skills and Drills for Pitching Mechanics
with Randy Mazey,
Texas Christian University Pitching Coach

Through good mechanics your pitchers will produce more strikes.

Randy Mazey, with more than 15 years of coaching experience at the Division I level, gives a head-to-toe demonstration on how to establish proper mechanics, and develop the ability to repeat that delivery through every pitch. Coach Mazey addresses three fundamentals of pitching mechanics: balance, direction and finish, and relates the fundamentals to each part of the body.

Learn how the head, shoulders, arms, hands, hips and legs work together at each stage of a pitch. See live pitching mechanics in action as Mazey provides a frame-by-frame video analysis of his athletes exemplifying both good and bad mechanics.

Mazey identifies the five most common mechanical problems seen at all levels of competition, and explains how they affect a pitch. He runs his TCU athletes through five drills that work specifically on correcting the common problems of head tilting, shoulder tilting, throwing across the body, over rotating and falling off the finish.

If you have good balance, direction and finish, the ball will go where you want it to go. DVD. 70 minutes. 2010.

Skills and Drills for Pitching Velocity
with Randy Mazey,
Texas Christian University Pitching Coach

Increase your pitching velocity this season!

Randy Mazey, who's pitching staff at TCU finished the 2008 season with a 3.63 ERA (fifth in Division I), identifies four areas that aid velocity - Linear movement, Finger placement, Large muscle strength and Rotation - and demonstrates simple, yet effective drills that will build each area in your pitcher. In a frame-by-frame video analysis of his athletes pitching, Coach Mazey presents you with examples of how leg strength, hip rotation and timing will aid your staff in developing greater velocity in their pitches.

Without the use of a state-of-the-art weight room, Mazey demonstrates simple exercises that can be done anywhere and require minimal equipment, yet deliver maximum velocity. Mazey shows you how to improve velocity by simulating the pitching motion in conditioning exercises, including a long toss drill that can build arm speed and affirm the proper release point of the pitch. He also discusses the importance of implementing rest into your pitching program.

In addition, a series of stretch band arm exercises are demonstrated that can improve arm and shoulder strength, keep pitchers healthy and mechanically sound and increase velocity over time.

By using these simple shoulder and core exercises you will see an increase in your pitching staffs' velocity, which should translate to more quality starts from your staff. DVD. 39 minutes. 2010.

Skills and Drills for Outfielders
with Randy Mazey,
Texas Christian University Pitching Coach

Get to more balls in the outfield this season.

Randy Mazey, a three-time All ACC outfielder at Clemson, takes pride in outfield defense and he believes that an outfielder that plays with pride is a better player for it. He shares his philosophies on the importance of outfield play and how to become a good outfielder in the game of baseball.

Coach Mazey divides outfield play into mental preparation and physical preparation.

  • Learn how to stay focused for every pitch and how anticipation through visualization can aid in getting to the ball quicker.
  • Discover a variety of footwork and timing techniques to improve your jump on the ball no matter where the ball is hit.
  • Learn to field ground balls and fly balls in throwing and non-throwing situations.
  • Get valuable drills for training your players to get better jumps, find the ball quicker and chase it down.

Mazey's instruction features hands-on demonstrations and frame-by-frame video analysis of a live TCU scrimmage.

Mazey closes the video with tips for practicing outfield play and explains the outfield responsibilities for backing up bases and getting the ball back to the infield.

Improve your mental and physical approach to outfield play this season using the proven techniques and drills in this excellent DVD. DVD. 73 minutes. 2010.

Skills and Drills for Baserunning
with Randy Mazey,
Texas Christian University Pitching Coach

Make baserunning instinctive for your players.

Randy Mazey's number one baserunning rule at TCU is: Know where the baseball is at all times. Throughout the DVD, Mazey demonstrates how your players can locate the baseball while effectively running the bases.

Train your players to get a feel for the bases using Mazey's drill progression for baserunning. This drill progression will help your players get a feel for the bases so that in game situations they can locate the baseball as they run the bases.

Take a tour of the bases as Mazey explains each base-to-base situation as a TCU athlete demonstrates the key points. Learn various base approaches, lead offs, and steals from each base as they relate to game situations. Watch frame-by-frame video analysis of a live scrimmage highlighting critical need-to-know techniques and concepts.

Increase your success on the base paths using Mazey's concepts on preparing for overthrows, watching the ball out of the pitcher's hand, how to slide and when to slide.

Need a great drill for baserunning practice? Mazey delivers a drill that encompasses every baserunning technique into one effective drill.

Baserunning can change the outcome of an inning, a game, or a season. Prepare your team for success on the base paths with this essential baserunning DVD. DVD. 87 minutes. 2010.

Skills and Drills for Team Practice

with Jim Schlossnagle,
Texas Christian University Head Coach;
2010 NCBWA National Coach of the Year,
5x MWC Coach of the Year (2003-09);
over 350 career victories

Get all the tools you need to get on the field and have a great time, play with energy and get better in a game-like atmosphere.

From 2004 to 2009, TCU has won six straight conference championships and made six appearances to the NCAA tournament. This success is due in part to great practices. In this extensive instructional DVD from Championship Productions, TCU Head Coach Jim Schlossnagle will show you how to plan out a practice that suits your needs and achieve goals for your team.

Coach Schlossnagle explains the three absolutes that go into planning a great practice and 10 factors that need to be considered when planning practices.

Schlossnagle outlines an eight period daily practice structure, which he demonstrates on field. These periods provide time when players can work on areas in an individual setting, up-tempo drill work and more.

Schlossnagle includes a plethora of drills including fielding drills, bunting drills, baserunning drills, throwing progression and batting practice.

Ever wonder how much time you're putting into each facet of the game? Schlossnagel also explains how to use a practice index so you will have a running total of how many times you practiced specific techniques during the year.

Improve your practices this season. Get proven drills, techniques and practice philosophies from one of the most successful coaches in the country. DVD. 80 minutes 2010.

Skills and Drills for Catchers
with Ryan Shotzberger,
Texas Christian University Assistant Coach/Catchers;
Mentored two all-conference catchers in Andrew Walker and Bryan Holaday. Walker
was a fifth-round draft pick in 2007 by the Pittsburgh Pirates. Holaday was named
the 2010 Johnny Bench Award winner.

Learn and develop the skills you need to play the most demanding position in baseball.

Ryan Shotzberger takes you through the three "Catching Musts:"

  • Catching - Learn three stances and proper glove position for every situation
  • Blocking - Give your pitcher the confidence to throw any pitch in any situation without giving away free bases.
  • Throwing - Get the keys to making stronger, more accurate throws and to improving your glove-to-hand ball transfer.
  • For each "Catching Must," Shotzberger explains the common flaws associated with it and demonstrates drills to correct the problems. He demonstrates 15 targeted drills in all including a blocking series, the six shooter series and catching drills with a pitching machine.

    Solidify your defense behind the plate and make better use of your practice time. DVD. 36 minutes. 2010.

    Skills and Drills for Infielders
    with Todd Whitting,
    University of Houston Head Coach;
    former Texas Christian University Associate Head Coach;
    Six straight MWC Championships (2004-09);
    School record .976 fielding percentage in 2008

    Get more range from your infielders and make more plays.

    Todd Whitting delivers a step-by-step overview of the fielding mechanics needed for sound infield play. See how your athletes can get to more balls in the infield using Whitting's stance techniques, ball reading tips, glove and body positioning and throwing technique.

    Develop vital skills for attacking five key ground balls:

    • Footwork Ball - Get a great first step on the ball hit right at you.
    • Glove Side Angle - Tutor your fielders to stay behind the ball.
    • Glove Side Retreat - Teach your players to field the ball on the best hop.
    • Back Hand Side - Learn four ways to field any ball hit to your throwing side.
    • Slow Roller - Get the essentials for making this do-or-die play.

    Learn to set up and run 14 key drills for training your athletes to field slow rollers, short hops, in-between hops, recover after a "kicked" ball, dive for a ball and more.

    This baseball DVD is filled with the essential skills and drills you need to improve your infield and solidify your defense. DVD. 76 minutes. 2010.

    Skills and Drills for Hitting
    with Todd Whitting,
    University of Houston Head Coach;
    former Texas Christian University Associate Head Coach;
    Six straight MWC Championships (2004-09);
    In 2010, TCU set school records in home runs (101), team batting average (.334)
    and runs per game (8.4).

    Learn how to develop a hitting plan for swing mechanics and gain over 30 drills to improve your at bats.

    Todd Whitting breaks down the swing into five main components, provides a thorough walk through of each component and identifies key principles that must be present during each part.

    He then shows you how to customize your hitting plan to improve your players' individual weaknesses.

    Whitting demonstrates over 30 drills pulled directly from the TCU hitting program. Each drill includes in-depth instruction for proper execution, key points, how it corrects your swing, and more! These drills will improve critical areas such as hip rotation, swing path, rhythm, and head movement.

    Finally, Whitting incorporates all of TCU's hitting philosophies and techniques into a live batting practice.

    Give your hitters more confidence at the plate and create a hitting program that will put more runs on the board. DVD. 63 minutes. 2010.



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