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Drills and Fundamentals for Creating Championship Catchers

Drills and Fundamentals for Creating Championship Catchers

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with Mark Viramontes, San Diego St. University Assistant Coach/Catchers

Mark Viramontes guides you through the drills he uses to develop the catchers at San Diego State University. He breaks down catching skills into four areas: Catching, receiving, blocking, and throwing.

Coach Viramontes teaches and demonstrates essential mechanics for the primary and secondary stances, showing how to maintain good balance and give your pitcher a good visual. He then has the catchers demonstrate drills to improve the catcher's body position and hand/eye coordination.

In blocking, Viramontes explains and demonstrates effective body positioning for keeping the ball in front of your catchers. His drills focus on creating a wide base to block the ball, attacking the ball to reduce the "bounce factor" and much more.

Throwing is broken into two parts - the exchange and footwork. Viramontes offers a technique progression for creating a quick, clean glove/hand exchange and throw. Footwork drills develop a drop step and pop up into proper throwing position. He also shares a knee technique that will give your catchers extra momentum on the throw.

Learn the importance of knowing how to handle the pitchers by setting up the pitch locations and targets in the zone. Get tips and ideas on how to make your catcher an "on-the-field" pitching coach.

This comprehensive DVD will provide you with the tools you need to coach your catchers and improve one of their performance in most critical positions in baseball. 62 minutes. 2011.