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Template for Indoor Baseball Practice

Template for Indoor Baseball Practice

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with Jack Dahm,
University of Iowa Head Coach;
2010 Big Ten Tournament runner-up;
over 400 career victories

See a highly organized practice routine that will keep your players focused and working hard throughout practice. Jack Dahm and his staff share their philosophy and practice drills to improve individual and team fundamentals and skills. This practice plan is designed for use indoors, but is versatile enough to take onto the field as well.

Dynamic Stretching & Baserunning 
Discover over 20 stretches you can incorporate into your daily practice routine. This routine improves flexibility while getting your team loose for practice. You will also see a base running segment that features eight game scenarios (type of hit, hit location, etc.) and stresses proper fundamentals for each scenario.

Throwing Program 
In order to be a championship team, Dahm believes you must be able to play catch. He makes his throwing program as game-like as possible in order to get his players to visualize the proper footwork and mechanics - especially glove side mechanics. The infielders work on six different situations working up from wrist flips, to a team rocket relay drill, a four corner catch drill and more. The outfielder program features six variations of the catch drill.

Individual Defense 
The individual defense segment of practice is broken down by positions. All of the players go through a ladder drill that to work on flexibility and mobility. The infielders then work on a short hop progression and slow roller work concentrating on footwork to make a strong and efficient throw. The catchers work on rapid fire receiving drills and a series of blocking drills. These drills work on getting around the baseball to cut off the angle of the ball and better develop quick twitch blocking mechanics. The outfielders work on the short hop in front, glove hand foot forward, throw hand foot in front, footwork training to properly open up on a ball over their head, and more. 

Team Defense 
In team defense, Dahm has his team working on double cut situations, working on the flip drill for rundowns, pick off rundowns, and bunt defense.

Hitting Drills 
The final segment of practice involves a series of hitting stations. In this 40-50 minute area of practice, the players are working on game routines to keep them focused while getting quality at bats. Nine different stations are shown that work on bunt mechanics, timing, tee work, hitting breaking balls and more. These drills feature competitive elements to keep your players focused.

Whether you're working in a rec center or a gym, you're sure to find ideas that will make the most of your indoor practice time. 

93 minutes. 2011. DVD.