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From Tee to Machine: 25 Hitting Drills for Baseball

From Tee to Machine: 25 Hitting Drills for Baseball

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Can a simple DVD help you, a college or high school baseball coach, dramatically improve your team’s offensive performance this year, and in the years that follow? The answer is an emphatic YES if the instruction on that DVD is provided by a Head Coach who has enjoyed almost continuous success teaching young men to hit baseballs.

That coach is Ed Servais, the power -- and the brains -- behind the Creighton University varsity baseball program ... a program that has been a consistent winner in the Missouri Valley Conference for several years. Coach Servais and his players have regularly won awards for championships, for stellar play and for much more. Their on-field performance has been superior to that of their competitors.

The coach excels in another area, as well. As you will quickly discover on this easy-to-follow-and-understand DVD, Coach Servais is also an excellent teacher. In this fast-moving and fascinating video, he presents 25 hitting drills you can use -- easily and effectively -- to help your players get better at the most difficult thing to do in sports -- hit a round baseball with a cylindrical bat.

There are a broad variety of drills, from the simple to the complex, that you’ll be anxious to employ in your baseball program. The simplest involves putting a ball on a tee and hitting it properly -- with a level and powerful swng. Now, you may think that hitting off a tee is best-suited for Little League players, but it is ideal for your team, too, because it helps each player to eliminate faults in his swing. And that leads to improved offensive performance.

Coach Servais employs five key drills that have helped his players succeed and can do the same for the young men that take the field for you. The five drills, all important to individual success, are: The first drill, already noted, involves “putting the ball on the tee” and then hitting it. The coach then moves on to such key drills as “Soft toss,” front toss” and highly specific batting practice drills that improve hand-eye coordination, mechanics, timing, selection, tracking and more!

Each drill has been carefully designed to improve an important aspect of the very difficult art of hitting a baseball. And Coach Servais makes understanding what he instructs the easiest drill of all.

Clearly, if running a successful college or high school baseball program is important to you, it makes good sense to take advice and instruction from someone who has already enjoyed great success. That someone is Coach Ed Servais of Creighton University. In this affordable DVD, he makes learning fun and exciting. Prove it to yourself and to your players.

66 minutes. 2013. DVD.

Practice Drills for Hitting Baseball
Ed Servais Baseball Coaching DVDs
with Ed Servais, Creighton University Head Coach; 4x Missouri Valley Conference Coach of the Year
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