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Daily Station Work for Productive Practices

Daily Station Work for Productive Practices

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with Andy Lopez, University of Arizona Head Coach; 2012 NCAA Champions; over 1,000 career wins, 3x National Coach of the Year; 2x National Championship Coach; 9x Conference Coach of the Year; led teams to 5 College World Series appearances; led Arizona to 10 NCAA Tournament appearances; and Matt Siegel, University of Arizona Assistant coach (Hitting and Infield)

Andy Lopez and the Arizona coaching staff put together a very high energy hitting practice each and every day. In their plan they allow their players to work on many different aspects of hitting from mechanics, to situational hitting, and the short game.

The Wildcats use four stations everyday to prepare their hitters. This set-up keeps players engaged and working on different aspects of game.

The four stations include: Live Hitting on the Field, Live Defense, Cage Hitting, Bunting or Baserunning

Live Hitting Station - In the live hitting station, every swing has an offensive situation (bunting, hit and run, etc.) and every swing has a purpose! There are no free swings in this station - this is a game-like station that forces the hitter to really concentrate.

Live Defense Station - Four defensive players (two infielders and two outfielders) play all balls hit to them as live, which allows them to get reads and looks off of a live bat. This is an extremely important station because it provides a game-like experience and allows players to see angles of the bat at contact.

Cage Hitting Station - Allow your players to perfect their swings! Coach Siegel provides tips and drills to get the hands and the lower half to work together. During this time you'll see hitters working on a series of drills using heavy, short and regular bats to build hand-eye coordination and bat speed.

Bunt/Base Running Station - The bunt or base running station is the rogue station that can be changed daily or weekly to work on a specific offensive need. This is also a game-like station to help the players improve their concentration - an area important to any team's success, but are often overlooked during practice. By adding these elements into practice, you will improve your players' performance in close game situations.

Practice organization is one of the most important skills to have as a coach. The Arizona coaching staff lays out a very effective practice plan that provides a foundation for players to develop fundamental skills and abilities at game speed. 195 minutes + 19 minutes of bonus material. 2013. DVD.

This DVD is part of the set: Andy Lopez Championship Practice Drills Series

Product Summary: Join coach Andy Lopez as he shares his methods for preparing hitters with daily station drills.

Editorial Review: Four hitting development stations are presented and demonstrated in this baseball hitting dvd . Overall Rating: 4.6 out of 5