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Lonni Alameda's Coaching Softball Series

Lonni Alameda's Coaching Softball Series

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Featuring Lonni Alameda,
Florida State University Head Coach;
Back-to-Back-to-Back ACC Coach of the Year (2013-15);
Back-to-Back ACC Champions (2014-15),
2014 Women's College World Series; three straight NCAA Super Regional appearances (2013-15)

with Travis Wilson and Craig Snider,
Florida State University Assistant Coaches

This 4-video bundle includes:

Bullpen to Ball Field: How to Prepare Pitchers for Game Day

Competitive bullpen practice plans to engage your pitchers and prepare them for games

  • Create a game-like competitive bullpen practice plan and help pitchers deal with pressure and distractions
  • Teach your catcher how to effectively communicate with your pitcher
  • Increase your pitchers' fielding confidence with a pitcher's fielding practice plan

58 minutes. 2016.

Driving the Ball: Power Hitting with a Plan

Help your hitters slow the game down, follow a plan and master 15 drills to create success at the plate when it matters most

  • Teach your players how to occupy the batter's box to maximize plate coverage
  • Discover a variety of tee drills that will help your hitters get into position to hit the ball harder and more often
  • Learn how to use visual training during hitting drills to train players to quickly identify a pitch

62 minutes. 2016.

Footwork, Feeds & Tags for Every Base

Ensure your players can efficiently get the ball to any base for the out(s) and avoid common injuries

  • Teach your players how to receive feeds at every base using specific footwork based on the source of the throw
  • Learn the correct arm slot for feeding or throwing to each base
  • Train your catcher to efficiently move her feet when receiving throws from the outfield to ensure a quick tag at the plate

41 minutes. 2016.

Open Practice with Lonni Alameda and the Florida State Coaching Staff

Watch a live practice that will help you prepare your team for all aspects of the game in a fast-paced, efficient manner

  • Create game like situations in practice by incorporating elements of base running, defense and batting practice
  • Set up your batting practice for maximum repetition and variety
  • Learn how to work on the mental side of the game within your normal practices

102 minutes. 2016.