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The Complete Guide to Team Defense for Lacrosse

The Complete Guide to Team Defense for Lacrosse

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with Dom Starsia,
University of Virginia Men's Lacrosse Head Coach;
2006, `03 & `99 NCAA Champions,
6x Coach of the Year

Coach Starsia discusses essentials for team defense emphasizing man-to-man defense. Utilizing markerboard diagrams, Starsia explains individual and team defense systematically, detailing each part of the strategy. He starts with 1-on-1 defense, stressing the importance of individual defensive play and moves progressively toward total team defense ultimately building up to a 6-on-6 man defense. He outlines player duties and positions in various defensive sets emphasizing perimeter and crease sliding and player-to-player communication. In addition, he also shares various drills to master man-to-man defense and to shut down any offense. Starsia's defensive system is perfect for changing the tempo of a game, creating turnovers, or simply accompanying a basic man-to-man defense. Starsia's in-depth defensive strategy and explanation will help your team develop into the best defensive team possible! 60 minutes. 2004.

Overall Rating: 4.8 out of 5. Sports Nation Video Sales Rank: 16 out of 87 for the category Lacrosse Coaching DVDs.