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The 1-3-2 & 1-4-1 Lacrosse Offenses

The 1-3-2 & 1-4-1 Lacrosse Offenses

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with Tony Seaman,
Towson University Head Coach, Over 200 Career Wins!

Coach Tony Seaman, 3X Division I Coach of the Year with over 20 years of college coaching experience, is a true expert of the game! In this video, he walks you through every detail of the 1-3-2 offense illustrating his system with markerboard diagrams and on-field demonstrations. He also explains the 1-4-1 offense, which allows every attacker and midfielder to take advantage of the defense by confusing the opponent and forcing mismatches, improving scoring opportunities. This tape guarantees an improvement in your team's offense at any level of play. Coach Seaman provides two offenses and 27 options to help your team learn the most potent and diversified system in lacrosse today! 61 minutes. 2004. DVD.