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1-4-1 & 2-3-1 Adjustable Zone Offense

1-4-1 & 2-3-1 Adjustable Zone Offense

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with Dave Cottle,
University of Maryland Men's Lacrosse Coach,
#3 in wins (active coaches),
2005 NCAA Semifinals

A true innovator in college lacrosse, Coach Cottle tackles the difficult task of presenting zone defense with clarity and ease. This carefully crafted DVD is delivered with marker board diagrams and outstanding on-field demonstrations. Coach Cottle highlights several zone offenses to prepare your team for any defense. Tips for success focus on teaching freelance 1-4-1 zone offense before adding other components. Starting with the fundamentals, Cottle points out four individual and team skills needed for solid zone play and then discusses the 2-2-2, 1-4-1, 2-3-1 and circle formations. The advantages of this system include: Improved passing skills, a focus on taking good shots, enhanced play in the crease, and additional structure to your zone attack. Because opponents can execute a variety of zone defenses, Coach Cottle believes in having several different attacks. Discussion centers on many different formations and how spacing can change formations for maximum effectiveness. These changes are illustrated when shifting from the 1-4-1 to the 1-3-2, and from the 2-3-1 to the 3-3. From these formations players can carry from any of the areas. Another strategy discussed is the 3-3 combo, which adds a pick to the carry, roll off and pop off. The information, teaching points, and drills are useful for lacrosse coaches at any level. 58 minutes. 2006. DVD.

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