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Extra Man Offense

Extra Man Offense

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with Don Zimmerman,
UMBC Head Coach;
3X NCAA Championship Coach

Moving from a play-oriented approach to a set-oriented game has been a good move for Coach Zimmerman and his program. Zimmerman lays out the pros and cons of both styles of play here. For example, an experienced team may lend better to a freelance style than a play system. In certain game situations plays can be beneficial in the right spot. FEMO is the fake extra man offense used to practice against the man down unit. Zimmerman diagrams the 3-on-3 formation, in which high percentage shots are the goal. The 2-3-1 and 1-4-1 sets are diagrammed also. The garbage drill helps shooters to get low and through the ball and utilize the wrist shot. The back up, back in drill develops the ability to stop hot ground balls behind the net. Four lines of offensive and defensive players make up the implosion drill. Other drills are three man short, man up face off, and man up ride. From the 2-3-1 set the change of formation play is shown using practice video. 38 minutes. 2007. DVD.

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