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2-2-2 'Deuces' Offense

2-2-2 'Deuces' Offense

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with Don Zimmerman,
UMBC Head Coach;
3X NCAA Championship Coach

The Deuces offense spaces the field well to create good dodging lanes from all four corners. Three sets of two players work together in pairs. Typically two players will be behind, two on top and two in the crease. A strength of the offense is using the pick, where one player in the pair frees his teammate. This creates confusion and indecision in the defense. By reading the defenders movement, the offensive player can spring free of the defender. Another teaching technique is the front swing. Zimmerman feels the game is all about deception, and the Deuce is full of deception. The player with the ball is taught to sprint into, through, and out of the pick. Once out of the pick, the man with the ball heads straight to the goal with his stick in feeding position. The second pair is known as the inside men and key techniques are demonstrated to enhance their productivity in the Deuce. Inside men maintain balance by staying opposite of the dodger. The third pair is known as the men up top. When out front, players are always ready to score. By being inside the restraining line, these two players present a dangerous threat to the defense. The straight-line principle is a concept that can really help young players. The Deuces offense will get your team high percentage shots while attacking from the inside and outside! 42 minutes. 2007. DVD.

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