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Offensive Skill Development

Offensive Skill Development

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with Don Zimmerman,
UMBC Head Coach;
3X NCAA Championship Coach

Offensive Skill Development is a 'treasure trove' of essential lacrosse skills taught by one of the top coaches, and formerly one of the great players, in the game today! Zimmerman covers holding the stick properly and receiving the pass - ground balls are the key to the game; Zimmerman: players today cradle the ball too much! Three parts of fielding the ground ball are presented, including top hand pick up. Cradling should be held to a minimum and the stick should be in the loaded position. Zimmerman also covers dodging north and south. The split dodge incorporates change of speed and direction, use of hips and a focus on the defender's hips. Other moves are the face dodge and roll dodge. Other skills presented include: Shooting (hand placement and shoulder position) and cutting without the ball. 31 minutes. 2007. DVD.

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