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Transition Drills for Building an Up-Tempo Offense

Transition Drills for Building an Up-Tempo Offense

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with Mike Daly,
Tufts University Head Men's Lacrosse Coach;
2010 D-III National Champions;
2010 United States Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association (USILA) D-III Coach of the Year 
Get better shots on goal using aggressive transition!

Scoring in a settled 6-on-6 situation is very difficult. Mike Daly places a major emphasis on attacking in all other situations - especially transition. Every drill and decision made on the field is based on an up tempo, attacking style of play. 

In this on-field DVD presentation, Daly shares key transition drills you can use to create an up-tempo culture in your program. 

The drills covered involve both full- and half-field sets and not only emphasize the up-tempo philosophy but also work on the players stick skills and fundamentals. 

Add-It-Up Drill is a continuous transition game drill starting with 4-on-3 and ending 6-on-6. The goal is to dictate pace and increase tempo. Brady Drill is another transition drill 5-on-4 where the players are fine-tuning their decision making on the attack as well as working communicating skills. Mini Game Series is a 4-on-4 mini game. The emphasis is on tempo, the defense handling the ball in game situations and playing offense in game situations.Bez Drill is a great competitive drill and emphasizes the philosophy of how he wants his team to play. It is a constant 3-on-2 break drill that gives the players many fundamental and stick handling opportunities.

In all of the drills, Daly talks you through the action and his team's philosophy. He finishes by taking you through game footage showing the up-tempo, attacking style of transition game.

The attacking transition game is a fun style of play for your players and can help you defeat teams that are more athletic and talented.

This DVD is part of the set: Mike Daly's Practice Drills Series