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Winning Offensive Sets & Drills for Lacrosse

Winning Offensive Sets & Drills for Lacrosse

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with Cindy Timchal, U.S. Naval Academy Head Coach; 
8x National Championship Coach at Maryland (seven consecutive), 2x National Coach of the Year, 400 career victories; all-time winningest coach in Division I Lacrosse history 
From individual skills to offensive sets, this DVD provides a complete package of training to improve your offensive attack. 

Stickwork & Footwork Drills
Get stickwork and footwork drills that Timchal has used to create championship teams throughout her illustrious career. A few examples of these drills include: 

•Hard Passing Drill - Works on passing, catching and getting into triple threat position. Variations train for weakside catches and backing out of pressure. 
•Big Box Shuffle Passing Drill - This challenging drill uses quick stick passing and shuffling to prepare players to pass and receive in situations they will see in games. 
•Pressure Stickwork Drill - Prepares attackers for high pressure defense and double teams.
Offensive Build Up Drills
See the drills Timchal uses to build up to her offensive sets. 2-on-2 pick on the ball, 2-on-2 pick and roll, and the 3-on-3 with a feeder. These build-up drills train your attackers how to handle game situations, to produce hard cuts that are difficult to defend, and to finish their attacks. These drills serve a dual purpose, as they are effective in training your individual defense as well. 

Offensive Sets
Learn the basic movements of three popular offenses: Motion Offense, Triangle Offense and the Crisscross Offense. Timchal shares her philosophy on when to use each offense based on what the defense is running. 

Timchal's Motion Offense features features the crease dodger, back door cuts, isolations, drawing doubles, inside feeds and shots. She utilizes this offense against tight shell defenses.

The Triangle Offense gives you good balance. It places players behind the goal, post, and along the perimeter on both sides of the cage, allowing you to attack from the left, right and behind the net. Timchal explains why it's effective against intense pressure. 

When an opponent is using a combination of the shell and power defenses (Blue Bird Defense), Timchal uses the Crisscross Offense. This offense can be used against all three types of defenses as it incorporates a double pick on the ball and a single pick on the ball.

Timchal also reveals her "Special" set to get the ball to her best player when she is being face-guarded by defense. 

This DVD provides compelling insight into the drills and sets used by the all-time winningest coach in Division I Lacrosse history. 

75 minutes. 2011.