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Agility Training and Conditioning for Women's Lacrosse

Agility Training and Conditioning for Women's Lacrosse

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with Veronica Dyer, Syracuse University Strength & Conditioning Olympic Sports Director; 
National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and is a certified strength and conditioning specialist

Put a quicker, better conditioned team on the field this season!

Veronica Dyer breaks down, explains and demonstrates agility and conditioning exercises that can be used by lacrosse athletes at all levels of play.

It is important for a lacrosse player to have the ability to cut, change pace, and change direction. To build this agile lacrosse player, Dyer shows you more than 30 exercises featuring speed ladder exercises, banana hurdle exercises, single and multi-cone exercises, jump rope exercises and a combined team agility drill.

Dyer shares some of her fundamental conditioning exercises that include abs and core work, plank medley, bench abs and core, partner med ball abs, med ball circuit and partner stretch band exercises. She then takes you through her women's lacrosse conditioning overview. In this presentation, Dyer explains the drills which include areas in the Long Runs, 100's in 60 seconds, "X" the field, Dynamic Runs, Snake the Field, Various Shuttles, Pyramid Shuttles, Yo-Yo Runs, and a treadmill running workout.

This DVD is an excellent addition for coaches or players looking for drills and exercises to improve their lacrosse conditioning. 

54 minutes. 2011.

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Strength, Agility and Conditioning Training for Women's Lacrosse