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Gene Peluso 3-Pack

Gene Peluso 3-Pack

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Game Speed Drills for Creating Game Like Practices

with Gene Peluso,
Stevens Institute of Technology Head Men's Lacrosse Coach;
Over 150 career wins

Save practice time with drills that combine the conditioning and skill development required to win games.

Gene Peluso demonstrates an up tempo practice style to teach and condition at the same time. He opens his drill book sharing more than 20 drills he runs on a regular basis to develop better defensive and offensive players. These are drills provide maximum player touches in a 10-15 minute time frame.

Peluso explains his unique approach by dividing each practice into four quarters with each quarter designed to teach a game specific skill. The quarters are broken down into Shooting and Defense, Transition, Points of Emphasis, and Drills with a Twist. Each covers both offensive and defensive skills. Proper shooting and passing are emphasized with four and six station shooting drills that mimic game situations. He also demonstrates drills that teach proper pick and slip technique, ball exchanges, defensive stick handling in pressure scenarios and reinforcement of proper defensive positioning fundamentals.

Transition and unsettled situations are highlighted with drills that will keep your players engaged and learning in both half- and full-field settings. He demonstrates drills that teach proper rides and clears after a shot to transition defensive recovery. Most of these drills will require your defensive players to play some offense and your offensive players to play defense. 

All drills are discussed in detail in a classroom with PowerPoint to explain why the drill is effective and then presented on field in a practice situation to give the drill more impact. 

This DVD will help any coach develop a dynamic practice environment that is both fun and challenging with lacrosse drills that give maximum individual touches in game like situations. 136 minutes. 2012. DVD.

High Energy, High Success Rides

with Gene Peluso,
Stevens Institute of Technology Head Men's Lacrosse Coach;
Over 150 career wins

Get an aggressive riding game that is guaranteed to keep your opponents guessing.

Gene Peluso's riding game is feared within the lacrosse community. In this instructional lacrosse DVD Peluso teaches his three most effective rides: the 10 Man Zone, the 9 Man Zone and the Low Pressure Ride by utilizing a combination of video presentations, on field walk-throughs, and live-play drills. 

You will see Coach Peluso take his team through each of the riding strategies. Individual roles and responsibilities are clearly defined for each ride using in-depth illustrations. He goes into detail explaining how every player on the field should react to various situations on the field, and team goals and concepts are reinforced in fast paced live demonstrations. 

These rides will create unsettled opportunities for your team. They will force your opponent into low percentage passes. These passes will create ground balls and turnovers turning defense into offense in your opponent's half of the field.Peluso also divulges his favorite practice drills for strengthening effective riding and clearing skills. These drills include 2v2 Alley Drill, the 1v1 Revenge Drill, and the dynamic 54 Full Field Pressure Drill.

The rides and drills on this DVD can lay the cornerstone to a successful season of creating havoc for your opponents on their clears. Coaches and players at all levels of the game will benefit from the insightful coaching techniques presented by Coach Peluso. 91 minutes. 2012. DVD.

Drills and Techniques to Develop Up-Tempo Defense

with Gene Peluso,
Stevens Institute of Technology Head Men's Lacrosse Coach;
Over 150 career wins

Stop reacting to your opponent's offense! Learn an up-tempo defense that will enable you to dictate to the offense, put your opponent under pressure and generate transition opportunities for your team. 

Using a mixture of classroom presentations and on-field demonstrations, Gene Peluso outlines the basic rules and principles for his ""30 Second Defense."" Using easy to understand slide presentations and diagrams, Coach Peluso presents a variety of different defensive ideas and game scenarios. He then takes you to the practice field to demonstrate a wide variety of drills that will help your defense dictate to the offense, rather than simply reacting to it.

With both settled and unsettled drills--ranging from 1-on-1 to half and full field--Peluso shows how to take advantage of the special situations defenses face on the field. He includes clear explanations and on-field drills demonstrating:

•Full field 5-v-4 with the emphasis on aggressive defense and moving the ball.
•A variety of unsettled situations to ensure your players can improvise and react to what's in front of them.
•4-v-4 Pressure Drill showing the fundamentals of off-ball play while putting maximum pressure on the ball carrier.
•1-v-1 with Slider teaching your players how to play on-ball, as well as how to time slides.
•2-v-2 Alley Drill with an emphasis on clearing and riding under pressure.
•Points System - This valuable technique will reward your players for executing the fundamentals correctly and implementing the defensive philosophy with the added benefit of ensuring practices are competitive and intense.
The video is aimed at coaches working with more advanced players but would help anyone looking to instill an aggressive defensive philosophy with strong fundamentals and a team ethos.

This is an aggressive defense that will dictate the pace of the game, provide your offense with more scoring opportunities and putting your team in a position to win. 87 minutes. 2012. DVD.