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Mastering the Clearing Game

Mastering the Clearing Game

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with John Danowski,
Duke University Men's Lacrosse Coach; 
2010 NCAA Champs!
2007 NCAA Runner-Up; 2007 ACC Coach of the Year; 3x ACC regular season and tournament champions, and over 300 career wins
Get the foundation for a successful team clearing scheme with multiple alternatives that can quickly change game situations.

John Danowski lays out his primary team clearing scheme so that coaches and players can easily understand the fundamental concepts, both individual and team, needed to establish a winning clearing game. He begins by explaining the differences between Live Clearing and Dead Ball Clearing before covering the rules and philosophies that the Duke Men's Lacrosse Team uses to perform successful ball transition. 

Coach Danowski provides an extensive whiteboard presentation that starts with the fundamental building blocks for a successful lacrosse player. A successful clearing game demands that all players work together while moving the ball from defense to offense. He goes position by position and identifies the key skills needed and the role each position plays in the Duke Quick Strike clearing system. 

In teaching the clearing game coach Danowski defines clearing concepts used at Duke University. Some of the topics include the Quick Strike clear, "maverick" mid-field play, the concepts of the defensive "Floater", the "Sabre", and the express offense.

The coach then provides extensive practice video showing a progressive drill structure which allows players to develop the necessary skills to succeed at their position. These drills naturally build into larger team drills, by combining goalies defensemen middies and attackman into full field game situations. Coach Danowski emphasizes both the individual player and team skills needed to succeed in clearing the ball. His on field commentary allows coaches to gain insight into elite coaching techniques. Throughout the drills, Coach Danowski stresses the importance of proper fundamentals. He begins with drills that focus on individual positions; then move to full field team drills that simulate game situations including offensive sets. 

Coach Danowski's clearing system can be easily modified to any level of the game; from Pee Wee to College. Successful clears lead to ball control, which is the key to winning at any level. 2012.