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Scott Tucker Defense 2-Pack

Scott Tucker Defense 2-Pack

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The 33 Zone Ride

with Scott Tucker,
Limestone College Head Women's Lacrosse Coach;
IWLCA South Region Coach of the Year; Synapse Sports National Coach of the Year; Conference Carolinas Coach of the Year 

Discover a proven, zone ride transition defense designed to stop all forms of clearing and transition.

In this excellent lacrosse DVD, Scott Tucker presents his 33 Zone Ride. 

Whether your opponent runs the ball or passes in transition this defense has a solution to stop it! 

Using whiteboard and on field demonstrations, Coach Tucker explains how this ride can slow your opponent's clearing opportunities, which is essential to stopping fast breaks. This ride also takes away short passes and forces your opponent to make longer, less accurate passes which creates turnovers and scoring chances for your team. 

Coach Tucker starts on the white board describing where players should be and the responsibilities of each player. In clear concise language Tucker explains how each player should react to situations and ball placement. As the ball moves players responsibilities change. Tucker explains how players need to react and communicate to adjust to their opponent's ball movement. 

Following the white board session Coach Tucker moves to the field to demonstrate the 33 Zone Ride. He shows how to teach this ride for the first time through the use of cones. Coach Tucker takes his team through proper field placement before bringing an opponent onto the field. He points out areas to emphasize with your players and describes when and how your team can get into double situations creating more pressure on your opponents. 

The 33 Zone Ride is an excellent way for your team to stop the opposition on it's own half of the field. 40 minutes. 2012. DVD.

The Backer Zone Defense

with Scott Tucker,
Limestone College Head Women's Lacrosse Coach;
IWLCA South Region Coach of the Year; Synapse Sports National Coach of the Year; Conference Carolinas Coach of the Year 

Whether you run a man to man or zone The Backer Zone Defense will be a valuable addition to your defensive arsenal.

In this detailed lacrosse DVD, Scott Tucker goes into great detail in explaining the principles of his highly successful Backer Zone defense. Using whiteboard and on field demonstrations he explains how this high pressure defense can help your team in both man up and man down situations. 

This high pressure defense stops the dodging or isolation offense so popular today. It allows your players to take risks knowing they have the security of a backer in place. This enables your team to force the offense out of its comfort zone and to change their game plan to deal with your defense instead of vice versa. 

Coach Tucker starts by describing the rationale behind this defense and discusses the type of players you should look for to implement the Backer Zone to its full potential. In his whiteboard presentation, Tucker's attention to detail is evident. He goes into each player's responsibilities as on-ball defenders and the proper positioning of off-ball defenders. He also discusses how to deal with offensive players in different positions on the field. 

Moving to the field, Tucker continues to illustrate key points in the Backer Zone. This will allow you to see how the defense is actually run during live exercises. He points out where players should be depending on the ball movement of the offense.

This defense will be a great addition to any team's arsenal and is a must for any coach looking to gain an advantage on the defensive side of the field. 42 minutes. 2012. DVD.