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Building a Championship Goalie

Building a Championship Goalie

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with Kevin Donahue,
Syracuse University Assistant Lacrosse Coach;
member of 11 National Championship teams; 2001 Jay Gallagher Award as the nation's top Division I assistant coach.

Kevin Donahue is one of the most innovative and respected coaches in the game. He has been a part of 11 National Championship teams. In this instructional lacrosse DVD, you will learn essential techniques to develop confident goalies who are prepared to make big saves. 

Goalie Stance
Using Coach Donahue's stance techniques, your goalies will learn to: 

•Cover as much area as possible and allow for free movement
•Reduce unnecessary movements before the shot
•Develop quick hands to the shot
•Move both hands more quickly without extra movements
Save Technique
Using different camera angles, Coach Donahue shows the proper save techniques while providing error detection and correction cues to help goalies develop good habits.
•Effective hand position and movement
•Footwork where the hands move first but feet must follow
•Create a leg-stick-leg wall on low shots
•Clear start and stop positions to prevent drifting
Basic Goalie Warm-upUsing practice footage you'll see how Donahue's goalies warm-up focusing on footwork, hand eye coordination, working the arcs above and below the waist, reinforcing no false steps and reminding shooters to inform the goalies when shots are off net to help reinforce save techniques. He also touches on how to select the correct players to warm-up goalies, as the wrong shooters can actually hurt a goalie's development.

Additional suggestions are provided for Alley Dodge Shooting Drills using a rope to teach shot boundaries and the how to use video to show your goalies their techniques.

Coach Donahue's tutelage helped turn Syracuse Goalie John Galloway into one of the premier goaltenders in college lacrosse history. Now Donohue shares his knowledge and championship experience with you, so you can create successful goalies for your program.

46 minutes. 2012.