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Stickwork Progressions for Lacrosse

Stickwork Progressions for Lacrosse

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with Brooke McKenzie,
Stanford University Assistant Women's Lacrosse Coach;
3x member of the Canadian National Team (scored 12 goals for the 2009 team that finished third in the 2009 World Cup Tournament: Four-year starting attacker at James Madison

Brooke McKenzie has developed a rigorous practice routine that will answer the question lacrosse coaches have been asking for years: "How do I get my players to catch and throw correctly?" 

Coach McKenzie breaks down, explains and demonstrates numerous stick handling drills so that any player can execute the practice techniques. The program is broken into two segments: individual wall ball and group or partner passing drills.

Wall Ball
Wall ball is the single most important practice tool for a lacrosse player. Wall ball allows an individual player to practice their fundamental catching, passing, shooting, faking and dodging techniques, on their own, at their own pace. All the great lacrosse players have honed their skills on the wall, and Coach McKenzie provides a dynamic workout that can be adapted to players of all skill levels.

Coach McKenzie takes you through a complete Wall Ball program, starting with basic catching and throwing and advancing into more difficult and challenging moves, including the game-like Shoulder-to-Wall Progression. She clearly explains and demonstrates each part of the program, giving both coaches and athletes helpful insights along the way. 

Partner Passing Progressions
Phase One of the Partner Routine -- expertly demonstrated by the Stanford Women's Lacrosse Team -- can be used by two players on their own or used by a team as a daily stick skill warm-up. McKenzie incorporates multiple single-handed passing exercises to build forearm and wrist strength, as well as Around the World and Behind the Back passes to build core strength. 

Phase Two of the Partner Routine progresses to more game-like passing and catching sets, such as One-Handed Grabs and Throws, which mimic draw controls and build arm strength. She then moves on to incorporate the Shoulder-to-Wall exercises demonstrated in the Wall Ball routine into a Shoulder-to-Partner routine, which stresses the development of skills needed in game situations.

The partner progression drills complement the wall ball routine and introduce elements of increased difficulty that will make your team more comfortable working with the ball and prepare players for real game situations. 

Both coaches and athletes will benefit greatly from studying this DVD. Coach McKenzie has given us programs that can be used as an individual or team setting that will greatly improve passing, catching, stick skills, and ball handling!

41 minutes. 2012.