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Brodie Merrill's 'Defensive Player of the Year' Skills and Drills

Brodie Merrill's 'Defensive Player of the Year' Skills and Drills

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with Brodie Merrill, 2x All-American defenseman at Georgetown University, Schmeisser Award as defensive player of the year as a senior.

As a pro - first player taken in the 2005 draft and was named Rookie of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year in his first year; he was named Defenseman of the year for four consecutive years; the all-time ground ball leader in the MLL; also a professional Canadian Box player. In 2006 he was a member of the World Lacrosse Championship where he was named Best Defender and earned All-World honors.
Gone are the days when you can throw an un-skilled, un-athletic player back on defense because he can't play offense. The defenseman plays a critical role in lacrosse and requires skill and athleticism.

Brodie Merrill draws upon his experience in both box and field lacrosse to present this lacrosse DVD on the most important defensive skills needed to be successful in the game today. This DVD shows players and coaches how to build a solid individual defensive foundation. By developing three foundational skills: footwork, body positioning and hand positioning, you will lay the ground work for future growth as a defenseman.

Through individual drills and one-on-one demonstration, Merrill provides meaningful examples and practical methods that can be easily applied to any level of play. These basic skills are introduced with simple explanations followed by on-field demonstrations. Each basic skill is built upon larger defensive concepts such as transition and team defensive techniques.

Merrill explains the subtle differences required of a defender versus an offensive player when performing the same actions. Ground balls, successful transitioning through the use of basic dodges and the key points of defending from behind the net and from the top is shown.

Correct stick checking is where the defensive player can make significant contributions and become a play maker from the defensive side of the ball. Merrill shows how to correctly execute a stick check without over-committing and suggests which stick checks are best used in specific situations. Each check is explained carefully and demonstrated at game speed. The philosophy of each check is also covered in terms of its best application as well as when and where it presents the best option.

In addition to the more traditional and basic stick checks, advanced stick checks that require increased discipline and careful execution are also explained. Where other instructional DVD's have chosen to leave these examples out because of their difficulty to execute, Merrill is able to bring his considerable experience to bear upon correctly teaching this skill set.

The basic strategies of team defense for box lacrosse are covered including strategic strengths and weaknesses. Though shown in the indoor setting, these techniques can certainly be applied to field lacrosse as well. Topside help and sliding options are covered. Merrill reveals which slide packages are best for each situation. In this way the benefits of sliding adjacent or sliding from the crease are presented.

Players and coaches can apply Brodie Merrill's defensive concepts and instruction into their daily routine. Merrill's work ethic and his dedication and commitment to always improve and work harder will inspire you to elevate your game.

58 minutes. 2013. DVD.