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Dennis Short's Coaching Lacrosse 2-Pack

Dennis Short's Coaching Lacrosse 2-Pack

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Small Group Games for Rapid Player Development

with Dennis Short, Rollins College Head Women's Lacrosse Coach; Took Rollins from startup program to Division II Final Four in just five years

Dennis Short packs more lacrosse into a one-hour practice than some teams manage all week. In this live - and intense - Rollins College practice, every player gets a "built-in" conditioning workout while she gets hundreds of touches on the ball.

Coach Short demonstrates several fast paced drills that will change the way you practice. In this DVD you will see:
Progressive Multi-Partner Stick Drills
Guaranteed Game Speed 1 v 1
Aggressive Defensive Techniques
Effective Doubling Strategies
Fast Offensive Ball Movement
This DVD features a practice plan worth of small-sided drills you can use to multiply your players' game-speed reps. In addition to seeing the nationally-ranked Rollins College team execute these drills in a real-time, live practice, Coach Short whiteboards each drill and explains its purpose and key coaching points.Nine drills are presented that can be tailored to accommodate different levels of experience. For example, through the application of a basic four corner box drill, Short has elevated the ordinary Line and Shuttle Drills to be so much more. His drills go far beyond building simple stick skills.

The "Three on One" and "Three Around One" drills will help players develop field awareness, footwork and communication, reinforce "give and go" passing and quick decision making, and build player proficiency in stick passing and catching. Coaches can apply the framework of these two drills to more efficiently exercise the skills you currently practice in line and shuttle drills.

Through well structured drills Coach Short easily creates a competitive atmosphere. Players push themselves at game speed in an effort to best their opponents. Fast and strategic ball movement is pitted against aggressive defensive techniques that call on defenders to double the ball in certain situations and use the goalie as an added defender in a manner that creates a surprising number of turnovers.

The entire practice series is suitable for players of any age, experience level, or scheme, and can be easily incorporated into your existing practice plan. Coach Short's philosophy of fast-paced drills and coaching "on the fly" creates high-tempo, competitive practices. Your players will never know what hit them when you implement these intense practice drills - and neither will your competition! 78 minutes. 2013. DVD.


Installing a High Pressure Defense

with Dennis Short, Rollins College Head Women's Lacrosse Coach; Took Rollins from startup program to Division II Final Four in just five years; In 2012 Rollins had the #2 Scoring Offense and #4 Scoring Defense in the country

Dennis Short has used the attacking, doubling defense detailed in this video to take the Rollins women's lacrosse program from a startup in 2008 to a perennial Division II power. Coach Short walks you through everything needed to implement his two aggressive pressure defensive schemes; Zone Pressure and Man Pressure.

This signature defense forces offenses out of their comfort zones and allows defenders to:
Dictate play to the offense, rather than reacting
Disrupt any offense's timing and rhythm
Create turnovers and get into transition
Take advantage of the defense's natural "man-up" advantage by getting the goalie into the play
This defensive concept is built on a few straightforward concepts and drills that can be implemented at the high school level -- and even the youth level.

Coach Short begins with whiteboard overviews of both man-to-man and zone versions of the pressure defense, and then proceeds to live on-field demonstrations. Coaches with athletic goalies will really enjoy seeing the way Short turns his keepers loose and encourages them to defend out of the crease.

After providing the overview of these defenses in action, Short's squad demonstrates four small-side practice drills you can use to develop the skills and knowledge required to implement the defenses effectively. The drills operate at a variety of tempos with the focus alternating from technique and fundamentals to team concepts. The drills break down the defenses into key elements and provide repetition that will help train your players in a number of areas including:
Doubling the ball
`Pushing' the slide
Sliding from different spots on the field
Recovering from the double
Triangles to teach the zone defense
Having seen the defenses in action and then looked at half field drills, Coach Short then takes you through individual skills and fundamentals required to effectively implement these defenses. How do you approach? What do you want to give an attacker, and what do you take away? How do you maintain disciplined defense from the trail position? Even coaches using a conventional help defense will find this segment beneficial.

The video then switches to a classroom environment with Coach Short talking through the defensive systems on the whiteboard. This detailed coverage of the Xs and Os, along with comprehensive explanations puts everything into context.

Coach Short provides the details necessary to implement an aggressive, fast paced defense that will dramatically reduce your opponent's offensive threat. By showing you how to consistently double the ball and changing the way your players slide to the ball, you will be able to create significantly more turnovers and greatly reduce the number of shots on goal. 93 minutes. 2013. DVD.


Product Summary: Lacrosse coach Dennis Short provides coaching instruction in these two dvds. Topics covered include small group games for team development, and how to install a high pressure defense.  

Editorial Review: These lacrosse coaching dvds provide top notch instruction that will help take your team to the next level. Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Small Group Games for Rapid Player Development Lacrosse Coaching Fideo
Your competition will never know what hit them when you implement these lacrosse drills.
Installing a High Pressure Defense Lacrosse Coaching Video