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Testing and Evaluation for Lacrosse Players

Testing and Evaluation for Lacrosse Players

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with Rob Rose, President of True Athlete Performance; BS Exercise Science (Mason University), Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Certified Conditioning Specialist (CCS), and Nationally Recognized Speaker

Fitness testing is a tedious and sometimes imperfect process for high school and college coaches. Rob Rose takes his extensive experience training youth and professional athletes and provides you with a road map for evaluating the athletic ability of your lacrosse players.

Featuring on-field player demonstrations, accompanied by clearly defined drill objectives and protocols, this DVD provides detailed instruction on how to measure player performance using a strict, unbiased methodology. Coach Rose breaks the DVD down into exercises and specific drills to improve performance in those exercises.

Coach Rose takes you through exercises that test the athlete's abilities in:

Linear speed /First step - Test your athletes' linear speed with three simple, quick drills. Rose shows you how to incorporate the lacrosse stick to get your players' moving in a sport-specific way.

Agility - Challenge your athletes' agility with a series of drills for testing and practice. In the "T-Drill," athletes sprint, shuffle, backpedal, and change directions four times, all in under 10 seconds.

Power - Most lacrosse skill depends on core strength. Learn how to test the power an athlete can generate with three simple tests.

Quickness - Lacrosse is a game of quickness movement and reactions. Test your athletes' reaction time and quickness with three easy drills.

Strength - Learn how to employ three of the most widely used strength building exercises, push-ups, and sit-ups, and the bench press, into your fitness testing. For each exercise, Rose demonstrates proper form and shows some common mistakes that athletes make.

Using walk-throughs, slow-motion video and different camera angles, Rose shows you the appropriate set-up for the exercises and how they are to be run, eliminating any guesswork. The exercises are all geared towards overall athletic performance with the goal of improving lacrosse-specific performance. In addition, Rose provides valuable tips to correct common errors that athletes make when performing the exercises to ensure that your athletes gain the maximum benefit and avoid injury.

This video is appropriate for all age levels, and Coach Rose specifically identifies the appropriate level throughout the different exercises. He also provides some alternatives to certain exercises based on the equipment you may have available in your program. With over 50 exercises and drills, this DVD is chock full of performance-enhancing activities that will elevate the level of ability of each and every lacrosse athlete.

By completing this comprehensive athletic evaluation, athletes' strengths and weaknesses can be identified.˙Then coaches and athletes can use this information as a guide and focus their training efforts on improving athletic performance.By blending well established, universal drills with lacrosse specific conditions, Rob Rose has created testing criteria that will provide the lacrosse coach with pertinent data to target their training. 32 minutes (plus 16 minutes of bonus footage). 2013.

Product Summary: Knowing your athletes abilities, strengths and weaknesses is the first step in building a great lacrosse team!

Editorial Review: This unique lacrosse instructional dvd can help lay the foundation for a cohesive team with skilled individual players. Overall Rating: 3.9 out of 5. Sports Nation Video Sales Rank: 26 out of 92 for the category Lacrosse Coaching DVDs.

About Rob Rose: Established First Athlete Training Program in 1995, Established True AP in 2009, BS, Exercise Science (George Mason University), Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Certified Conditioning Specialist (CCS), Nationally Recognized Speaker.