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Building the 2-2-2 Offense Player by Player

Building the 2-2-2 Offense Player by Player

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  • Follow this champion coach to discover his tips, tricks and techniques

  • Develop your players and build your offense from the ground up

  • Includes skill instruction reinforced with drills

with J.B. Clarke, Limestone College Head Coach; 2014 NCAA D-II National Champions; 2012 NCAA D-II National Runners-Up; 3x Conference Carolinas Regular Season and Tournament Champions; over 190 career wins and has coached in the NCAA Final Four at the Division I, II and III levels

Many NCAA teams use the 2-2-2 to introduce offensive fundamentals. In this informative DVD, J.B. Clarke guides coaches through a Limestone College fall practice, drilling core lacrosse skills in the 2-2-2 framework. "We can get our whole offense in just by doing our shooting drills," Clarke explains.

Focusing primarily on individual player development, Coach Clarke emphasizes the philosophy of learning the "parts" of the "whole" offensive system. Rather than developing detailed plays and starting with complex 6v6 scenarios, Clarke believes in developing the individual player so that they can effectively function within any offensive plan. Included in this philosophy is developing primary skills, which Coach Clarke defines as "recognize (the ability to see the defender, the defense and the offense), anticipate (thinking two passes ahead) and execute (winning your match-up).

The center of Coach Clarke's winning philosophy is that every player must be committed to defeating his man. Dodging and picking are the offensive tools used to achieve this goal. Players learn strategies that they can apply to their own dodges or use when working with teammates on setting picks with dodges to create scoring opportunities. Players are shown basic offensive expectations so that they are able to anticipate each other's movement.

Once Limestone hits the field, you'll see the team execute its drill progressions and you'll hear Coach Clarke's real-time commentary. Drills include:

  • Flying Rats-a tight-spaces, 3-on-2 drill that stresses stickwork and defensive reaction
  • Seagulls--a wider 4-on-3 drill that forces the offense to earn a high-quality time-and-room shot
  • the inside roll, rocker step, and question mark finishes for attack dodges
  • midfield dodges transitioning to shots in the alley or to throwback plays against a hard-sliding defense
  • Two-man pick play (with "roll" and "pop" options for the pick player) for both midfielders and attack men building off the one-man offensive precepts already implemented
  • Adding defense to an escalating series of competitive small-sided drills beginning with 1-on-1 in the hole and building to 4-on-4 and 5-on-5.
  • A concluding transition series with full-field ball movement into a variety of offensive patterns

This video shows you how to develop the individual player within a team setting so that all of the individual efforts work in step with each other. This type of synchronization creates spontaneous opportunities from the combined efforts of just a few players. By finding success in performing the individual parts, the offense as a whole succeeds. 101 minutes. 2014.