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Speed and Power Training for Lacrosse 2-Pack

Speed and Power Training for Lacrosse 2-Pack

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Speed, Agility and Explosiveness Training for Lacrosse

with Eric Markovcy, Lehigh University Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

Eric Markovcy shares an effective way to train your athletes to become better lacrosse players. Coach Markovcy presents a series of scalable drills designed to increase core strength and flexibility while simultaneously training players to perform all of their movements from a disciplined athletic position. The proven benefit of core fitness training is fewer injuries, while the discipline of correct footwork will develop explosive movement.

Using training exercises specifically designed for lacrosse athletes, this presentation shows you how to efficiently train your athletes to become faster and stronger by using progressively challenging concepts like:

  • technique driven drills designed to minimize the risk of injury
  • dynamic stretches that begin the progression of correct footwork
  • stretching techniques to condition and build core muscles
  • ladder drills that emphasize lacrosse specific skills
  • drill progressions to challenge players' reaction time

Coach Markovcy begins his presentation with dynamic, detailed warm-ups . The intent of these drills is to begin a process of ingraining specific movements and concepts into player training. These methods become the foundational tools that players use throughout their training. This method of dynamic stretching will help improve performance and reduce injury.

Coach Markovcy uses a "calculated progression" in his ladder drill concept. The In/In/Out/Out concept, which prevents wasted movements by forcing the feet to stay under the body, is the key to success in all of his techniques. He then introduces lacrosse-specific drills with the In/In/Out/Out ladder drill concept. Once athletes are familiar with this concept, training can progress onto the field. Using lacrosse-specific drills, Coach Markovcy demonstrates ways to successfully heighten reaction time and improve quickness on the field.

Throughout this presentation, Coach Markovcy supplements the key elements of speed building for lacrosse with tips and suggestions. He finishes with two injury prevention drills to help athletes stay on the field.

This is a must-have DVD for any coach who wants to maximize their players' athleticism and for any athlete wanting to improve their speed and explosion. 73 minutes. 2014.

Strength and Power Training for Lacrosse

with Eric Markovcy, Lehigh University Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

Strength training is more about correct movement than lifting heavier weights. In this presentation specifically for lacrosse players, strength coach Eric Markovey shows you how to develop faster, stronger athletes using progressively challenging training exercises. Some of the concepts he covers includes:

  • technique driven drills designed to minimize injury
  • lower body exercises for improving speed
  • muscle training exercises that teach how to load muscle groups correctly to gain power
  • lower body exercises to build stretch strength, explosion and endurance
  • dynamic pushups and rotating pushups to strengthen the rotator cuff
  • exercises to strengthen the grip
  • resistance training focused on making better lacrosse athletes, not stronger weight lifters

Coach Markovey's presentation is divided into three major parts: training the upper body, lower body and core muscle groups. Starting slow and with reduced weight and resistance, careful attention is paid to building the correct technique.

Lower Body: The focus of this segment is a series of squats and vertical jumps, hang clears and RDLs (Romanian Dead Lifts) to strengthen knees and quadriceps. Attention is also given to proper posture of the posterior chain (lower back, knees and buttocks) to maximize strength and explosiveness of moves while taking stress off of the toes and knees.

Upper Body: This segment focuses on strengthening the rotator cuff and arms using bench presses, dynamic pushups and rotating pushups and exercises to build grip.

Core: The core body segment focuses on strengthening the stomach, obliques and lower back using a large stability ball to hover and roll, foot swings and a variety of sit ups. Core fitness training reduces the risk of injury while the discipline of correct footwork develops explosive movement.

Coach Markovcy shares several familiar muscle-building exercises that he combines with additional movements to specifically benefit the lacrosse athlete. Through this detailed instruction, players develop explosive energy and increase their endurance levels. Most importantly, Markovcy's method for resistance training not only improves athletic performance, it also reduces injury.

In addition to providing a solid, easy-to-duplicate strength training program, Coach Markovcy shares the rationale and detailed physiology that support the importance of these exercises. His in-depth discussions will help players understand the importance of strength training. Coach Markovcy gives players a base that they can use to develop a program that is challenging, safe and effective.

This is a well-designed weight room training program specifically for lacrosse players that will impact strength, speed and mobility while minimizing muscle and knee injuries during the season.  57 minutes. 2014.