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Matthew Driscoll's Coaching Basketball 4-Pack

Matthew Driscoll's Coaching Basketball 4-Pack

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featuring Matthew Driscoll,
University of North Florida Head Coach;
2015 Atlantic Sun Champions; 2015 Atlantic Sun Coach of the Year

This four-video series includes:

Drills for Developing Hybrid Players

Open up the possibilities of what you can do on offense by creating hybrid offensive players.

  • Get 13 skill development drills to build up dribbling, passing and scoring ability
  • Learn multiple drills to train your bigs to become comfortable playing on the perimeter
  • Develop a "cheat step" and a series of back to the basket moves to become an interior scoring threat

102 minutes. 2015.

Competitive Shooting Drills for Basketball Practice

Train your players to hit the big shot in pressure situations

  • Get 12 shooting drills that will challenge your players to improve their accuracy and build muscle memory
  • See a collection of small group shooting drills that create game-like pressure situations to hit the "money shot"
  • Learn drills that increase shooting range out to the NBA 3-point line to build 3-point specialists

72 minutes. 2015.

Competitive Practice Drills for Defense

Increase the competitiveness of your practices with high-intensity defensive drills.

  • Learn 1-on-1 and 2-on-2 competitive drills that develop individual accountability on defense
  • Get drills that train your team to get back and organize on defense to limit shot opportunities under a number of different transition scenarios
  • Learn three competitive rebounding drills you can use early in the year to teach technique and help build toughness on the glass

72 minutes. 2015.

Stopping the Pick and Roll

Learn multiple strategies for defending the ball screen

  • Learn four ways to defend ball screens so you can make adjustments based on your personnel and your opponent
  • Get breakdown drills to progressively teach pick and roll defense
  • Learn how to use "tagging" principles to take away rolling offensive players and nullify the temporary advantage gained using the pick and roll

76 minutes. 2015.