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Championship Winning Swimming Series

Championship Winning Swimming Series

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with Richard Quick, Auburn University Head Men's and Women's Swim Coach; former Stanford University Head Women's Swimming Coach, 3X Olympic Coach, 17 NCAA Team Championships, 5X NCAA Coach of the Year; and Milt Nelms, World-renowned coach, clinician, and artist/illustrator.

Posture, Line and Balance: The Foundation of Championship Winning Swimming

The Championship Winning Swimming Series with Richard Quick is built upon the principles of Posture, Line and Balance or Inside/Out (body core/extremities) philosophies pioneered by one of the world's leading stroke technicians, Bill Boomer. In this video, Quick and Milt Nelms present and expand upon the foundations of Posture, Line and Balance that they have successfully implemented at Stanford that apply to all phases of competitive swimming. Nelms starts this information-packed video with a classroom presentation enhanced with remarkable illustrations that clearly lay out the theories that justify teaching, coaching and swimming using the PL& B concepts. Next, Quick takes you on-deck where he explains concepts and demonstrates techniques for achieving proper body positions that can be transferred into the pool. Quick follows with a pool session of drill progressions divided between long and short axis swimming concepts. He begins with the basics of teaching a swimmer to achieve and feel what nis/her own balance point is in the water and progresses to attaining posture, line and balance in proper swimming positions. This video provides the essential information that is the core of the entire Championship Winning Swimming Series. 50 minutes. 2003. DVD.

Championship Winning Freestyle

In Championship Winning Freestyle, Quick sets the foundation for his Posture, Line and Balance theme with an on deck discussion/demonstration of the freestyle followed by a full stroke overview in the pool. Quick calls on Coach Nelms to validate the Posture, Line and Balance concepts incorporating Bill Boomer's inside out philosophies in an easy-to-understand presentation enhanced by masterful illustrations. With the concept of Posture, Line and Balance clearly defined, explained and illustrated on-deck and in the classroom, Quick returns to the pool where he shares the drill progressions that build the stroke from the core to a full rhythmical stroke. Quick is one of the finest motivators in the world and as the drills are demonstrated, he adds tremendously valuable coaching concepts. The demonstrations are extremely insightful with the inclusion of excellent above and underwater footage. Championship Winning Freestyle is the most comprehensive freestyle instruction ever available anywhere! 54 minutes. 2003. DVD.

Championship Winning Backstroke

Beginning with a thorough on-deck discussion of the Posture, Line and Balance concepts as they apply to the backstroke with Coach Quick. Coach Nelms then validates Posture, Line and Balance concepts in the classroom through explanations and exquisite drawings that are sure to enhance your understanding of the concepts. Back in the pool, Quick builds the backstroke in a drill-by-drill progression with demonstrations enhanced with footage shot above and underwater. Quick is not only an expert stroke technician, but also exhibits an amazing degree of energy, motivation and excitement that enhances the learning in this video! Staying true to his inside/out philosophy of stroke development, Quick sequences through balance drills related to core body position for the backstroke. Next, building upon the core balance drills, Quick begins to incorporate the extremities as balance tools that reinforce "front quadrant swimming" for the stroke. Quick then shares progression drills that uniquely and sequentially combine the drills into a balanced and rhythmical full stroke within a 25. The drill sequences culminate with a complete look at the full stroke from both a side and head-on. 48 minutes. 2003. DVD.

Championship Winning Breaststroke

Championship Winning Breaststroke opens with a thorough on deck demonstration of the basics of the stroke specifically showing how Posture, Line and Balance concepts align with the nuances of the breaststroke. In the classroom, Coach Nelm's illustrations of Bill Boomer's "inside/out" theories (core first, extremities last) paint a vivid conceptual picture of the Posture, Line and Balance concepts. In the pool, Quick teaches and coaches drill progressions that will enable a balanced rhythmical breaststroke. The drills/progressions are categorized as: Balance/Undulation Drills - learning/feeling balance above & below the line; Cobra Drills - proper hip movement necessary; Kick Drills - proper kicking technique, stroke timing and conditioning; Wall Drills - incorporate Posture, Line and Balance concepts into the long pull or pullout. All demonstrations are greatly enhanced with the inclusion of both above-water and underwater footage. Championship Winning Breaststroke is the most comprehensive breaststroke instruction available anywhere! 75 minutes. 2003. DVD.

Championship Winning Butterfly

Coach Quick begins with an on deck overview of the entire stroke and how the concepts of Posture, Line and Balance are applied to the technique of the stroke. Coach Nelms discusses and illustrates Posture, Line and Balance in the butterfly with a classroom overview of the stroke. Back in the pool, Quick's positive and enthusiastic coaching techniques are evident as he coaches demonstrators the drill progressions that he uses with his team to build the butterfly stroke. Demonstrations are enhanced with footage shot both above and underwater. Drill progressions include: Undulation Drills - to teach balance/proper undulation; Recovery Drills - on-deck drills to enhance a correct recovery; Unnecessary Vertical Movement Drills-designed to keep a swimmer on the line, and eliminate unnecessary vertical movement; Vertical Drills - kicking and stroke timing. The drill work culminates with full stroke demonstrations with side views and head-on views of a balanced and efficient butterfly. Championship Winning Butterfly is the most comprehensive butterfly instruction ever available anywhere! 54 minutes. 2003. DVD.

Championship Winning Walls: Turns for All Strokes

In Turns for all Strokes, Coach Quick, continuing the Posture, Line and Balance theme, takes you through learning/drill progressions for all competitive swimming turns. Coach Nelms follows with a classroom session where he explains and illustrates just how posture, line and balance are a factor in turns and wall push-offs by explaining and illustrating what he calls the Power Triangle. Quick begins with a series of drill progressions methodically building long axis turns beginning with freestyle followed by backstroke. Prior to his progression drills to build a long axis turn, Quick first teaches how to spin a fast summersault. He then incorporates the components of the long axis turn with a progression of: Approach, submerging, the summersault, wall set-up, push-off utilizing the power triangle, balance-up and the breakout. For the short axis turns, Quick begins with teaching a backward spin/summersault, the basis of the short axis turn and follows with a progression of: Approach, backward spin/summersault, wall set-up, push-off utilizing the power triangle, balance-up and the breakout. Quick then teaches all of the Individual Medley turns, dividing them by long axis and short axis approach turns. Turns for all Strokes is enhanced with the combination of above-water and underwater footage and is a must for any coach and/or swimmer looking to dominate the walls! 72 minutes. 2003. DVD.

Championship Winning Starts

In Championship Winning Starts, Coach Quick emphasizes how the Posture, Line and Balance focus can be effectively used when coaching/teaching all aspects of swimming, including starts. Coach Nelm's classroom session lays out how Posture, Line and Balance factor in the forward and back starts with explanation and illustrations that validate the movement sequences necessary for a successful start. In the pool, Quick takes you through sequential lead-up drill progressions to a complete competitive start with breakout. Part 1, The Forward Start, begins with deck-level drills that emphasize entering the water through the hole and then progresses to drills on the starting block before finishing with a complete forward start with breakout. Part 2, The Backstroke Start, follows a similar format beginning at the wall with drills from the gutter before progressing to a complete back start with breakout from the block. In both starts, Quick also offers tips on maximizing the speed generated from the dive into the breakout and stroke. Demonstrations are enhanced with slow motion, above-water, and underwater footage. 33 minutes. 2003. DVD.

Championship Winning Walls: Underwater Swimming - The Fifth Competitive Stroke

In Underwater Swimming - The Fifth Competitive Stroke, Quick discusses the fact that in many competitive races today, up to 60% of the race can be done underwater! Quick presents drills and skills that will equip you to take your swimmers' underwater capabilities to a new level. This video begins with Coach Nelms in the classroom, explaining with fantastic illustrations just how Posture, Line and Balance are factors in wall push-off set-ups for successful underwater swimming by learning to utilize what he calls the "Power Triangle." In the pool, Quick shares Posture, Line and Balance skill development of body undulation on the front, side, and back positions. He continues with incorporating these skills into drills that are designed to teach swimmers how to successfully use body undulation in their push-offs through full stroke breakouts for fly, back and free. Quick also shares the nuances of fish swimming, and how to apply it to fly, back and free and then demonstrates the use of several pieces of training apparatus including: Front snorkel, monofin, short fins. Excellent instruction! 41 minutes. 2003.DVD.