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Swimming Faster Backstroke DVD

Swimming Faster Backstroke DVD

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with David Marsh,
8 X NCAA Coach of the Year,
12 X NCAA Championships at Auburn;
2 X Olympic Coach,
Head Coach, Mecklenburg Aquatic Club of North Carolina
and Kim Brackin,
University of Texas Head Women's Swimming Coach;
former Auburn University associate head coach

Coach Marsh begins this six-part video by offering a full stroke overview of the All-American backstroke technique of demonstrator, Bryce Hunt and follows, on deck, with a brief overview of the stroke components. In Part 2, Brackin energetically embarks upon 20 drills and variations in a progression to achieve backstroke perfection. Beginning with an on deck demonstration and discussion of how to set the ideal body position for backstroke, Brackin progresses into the water with body positioning and kicking drills. Next, Brackin progresses to arm movement through drills that teach proper recovery and hand placement. Brackin discusses and demonstrates how to gauge a swimmer's tempo and drills that train a backstroker to be able to achieve a desired race tempo (Part 3). Part 4 includes strategies for proper dolphin kickouts and stroke transition. In Part 5, Brackin reviews the aspects of the stroke that were reinforced by the drill progression. Marsh then reviews the full stroke narrating a descending set of 4 x 25's sharing key points to swimming faster backstroke. Using a telestrator (Part 6), Marsh breaks down a stroke cycle offering a highly informative view of what to look for in coaching backstroke. 57 minutes. 2004. DVD.