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Swimming Faster! Turns for all Strokes DVD

Swimming Faster! Turns for all Strokes DVD

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with David Marsh,
8 X NCAA Coach of the Year,
12 X NCAA Championships at Auburn;
2 X Olympic Coach,
Head Coach, Mecklenburg Aquatic Club of North Carolina

Excellent, Six-part Video - Contents include:

  • Part 1: Detailed 12-drill progression. Included in this progression: push-offs, the spin, getting a breath, "unfolding" after the spin to get the body into an ideal streamline push-off position on the wall, and the full turn itself.
  • Part 2: Nine drill progression beginning mid-pool and progressing through a full turn and breakout.
  • Part 3: Marsh applies the freestyle progression to the backstroke including the approach, turn, push-off, and the kick-out.
  • Part 4: Using a telestrator, Marsh takes you through a detailed breakdown of a Breast, Fly, Back and Free turn.
  • Part 5: Marsh shares innovative techniques he has used to teach the turn as well as training innovations he has devised to incorporate turning drills in workout.
  • Part 6: Marsh's methodology and technique expertise on each of the IM turns including the back to breast crossover turn along with the traditional back to breast "open turn." With expert demonstration provided by Auburn NCAA 200 IM Champion Lionel Moreau and underwater and slow motion footage of each skill, this video is the swimming coach's encyclopedia for teaching turns! 76 minutes. 2004. MV-2210F-SW15 (Swimming Faster Turns) 76 minutes. DVD.