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Eddie Reese on Butterfly

Eddie Reese on Butterfly

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with Eddie Reese,
University of Texas Head Men's Swimming Coach;
2X Olympic Head Coach, 9 NCAA Championships, 8X NCAA Coach of the Year

Reese begins this presentation with a discussion of the stroke by breaking down components of the pull, the kick, the proper body position, and the timing of the stroke. With stroke demonstration from former NCAA 200 Fly Champion, Rainer Kendrick, Reese takes a look at the full stroke and reemphasizing the technical components. Next, Eddie shares ten drills that enhance technique and performance, explaining in detail how drill benefits the swimmer and their stroke performance. In the common errors and corrections segment, Eddie goes through six of the most common errors he encounters with the butterfly and follows with a drill for correcting the error. In the final two segments of the presentation, Eddie looks at the turn and breakout and start and breakout. In every segment of this video, Eddie shares the nuances of the stroke that will greatly enhance a swimmer's opportunity to swim faster butterfly! 37 minutes. 2005. DVD.

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