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Becoming a Champion Swimmer: Freestyle

Becoming a Champion Swimmer: Freestyle

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Three-time Olympic Coach, five-time NCAA Coach of the Year, and Auburn University Head Men's and Women's Swim Coach Richard Quick shares what it takes to be a champion freestyler. Quick's first key to successful freestyle is learning to maintain an efficient and balanced body position that is not compromised when arm movement is added. Next, Quick shares a thorough explanation of the arm movement and demonstrates proper hand placement into the water. Quick then builds the stroke through a series of easy to follow drills that teach proper posture, line, and balance. Quick's proven drill sequence also includes recovery strategies that assist in keeping the body in a forward focused line on the water - not wavering from side to side. Quick's drills also assure proper timing of the breathing in the stroke. In a review and critique of the full freestyle stroke, you will see the successful results of Quick's drill sequence as his young demonstrators swim a fluid and efficient freestyle stroke. 65 minutes. 2006. DVD.

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