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Becoming a Champion Swimmer: Breaststroke

Becoming a Champion Swimmer: Breaststroke

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Three-time Olympic Coach, five-time NCAA Coach of the Year, and Auburn University Head Men's and Women's Swim Coach Richard Quick believes the key to swimming championship breaststroke is to swim a stroke that is forward focused. He thoroughly explains the full arm motion for the stroke. His arm pull drills teach you to accelerate the body in a forward motion, rather than up and down. Quick then turns his attention to adding the kick to accelerate the body forward. He emphasizes positioning the knees to be in line with the body, rather than pulled up underneath the body--a common error with many breaststrokers. To assure a swimmer of achieving an efficient, rhythmical breaststroke, Quick reviews the full stroke emphasizing the proper timing of the pull, breath, and kick. A segment detailing the breaststroke pullout highlights a critical technique in becoming a champion breakstroker! 59 minutes. 2006. DVD. -

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