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Becoming a Champion Swimmer: Starts & Turns

Becoming a Champion Swimmer: Starts & Turns

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Three-time Olympic Coach, 12 time NCAA Champsionship Coach, five-time NCAA Coach of the Year, and Auburn University Head Men's and Women's Swim Coach Richard Quick shares his extensive knowledge of starts. Learn how this champion coach trained his champion swimmers!

His start drill sequences will help any swimmer enter the water through the "hole" with the entire body, and then maintain that speed when starting the stroke. The forward start fundamentals include kneeling drills and moving to the block. The backstroke start drill series will help the swimmer get their hips over the water.

Additional material presented in this dvd includes: freestyle and backstroke breakout techniques such as the flutter kick and dolphin kick breakouts, and efficient pullouts for the butterfly and breaststroke.

In the Turns segment of this video, Quick begins with the basics of body rotation. He progresses through a series of drills that result in teaching a swimmer that the tighter you can tuck the faster you can spin and the faster the turn. Quick then covers all of the turns for the individual medley. 58 minutes. 2006. DVD.