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Fast Lane Stroke Series

Fast Lane Stroke Series

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with Frank Busch University of Arizona Head Coach;
3 X NCAA Coach of the Year,
10 X Pac Ten Coach of the Year;
and the Arizona Coaching Staff

Fast Lane Freestyle
Coach Busch feels that the catch, body position and the line are the most crucial components for successful freestyle and that the kick is the key factor that determines the effectiveness of these components. Following a narration of a full stroke demonstration of the ideal freestyle Busch moves into several key drills that are at the heart of the Arizona brand of freestyle swimming. Rick Demont discusses the role of upper extremity angles and elevations for successful freestyle. Demont then shares more than 10 specifically designed drills/variations to help a swimmer "etch" the feel of varying "difficult/key" positions of the stroke so that those positions are recognizable to the swimmer while swimming full stroke. To connect the parts to the whole of the stroke, Greg Rhodenbaugh shares a drill series with varying arm positions of the recovering arm that reinforce the elements of Arizona freestyle. Augie Busch next takes on the issue of body rotation as it pertains to leverage for the stroke, sharing a drill progression that address a swimmer's connection of the catch to the body roll and kick. Each of the segments concludes with elite swimmers doing a descending set of 4 x 25's that gives a clear cut look at how each of the drill progressions relate to the stroke efficiency and speed. 112 minutes. 2006

Fast Lane Breaststroke
Coach Busch begins with an on-deck overview of the components of successful breaststroke before moving his instruction into the water. With demonstrator Amanda Beard, Busch shares several drills along with a full stroke review that emphasize the importance of the line and timing of the stroke. Coach Demont shares a series of seven sculling drills and variations that isolates and emphasizes each segment of the pull and concludes with drills that put the sculling segments together into a complete breaststroke pull. Augie Busch's segment isolates kicking technique with drills that focus on a swimmer's ability to \grab water\" with the kick. Greg Rhodenbaugh shares timing drills designed to emphasize a flat, forward focused and fluid stroke along with instruction of the breaststroke pullout, including two variations of incorporating the dolphin kick into the pullout. This DVD provides a unique look at a realistic cross-section of demonstrators, each with different strength areas in their particular stroke, that show how the important components of the stroke can be utilized on an individual basis. After each segment, the demonstrator swims a set of 4 X 25's descending from easy to fast, giving a look at the efficiency of a variety of styles. All demonstrations include above water, underwater and slow motion footage. 2006. 74 minutes. 2006

Fast Lane Butterfly
The focus points of the Arizona philosophy: The catch, finish, kick and the line of the stroke, resound throughout this presentation. Coach Busch begins with drills that will help a swimmer \groove\" or feel the catch position and that assist with the rhythm and timing of the catch in the stroke cycle. Busch then connects hip movement to the catch and follows with full stroke demonstrations with a front snorkel to focus upon maintaining a very tight line on the water. Next, Coach Demont focuses upon the dolphin kick and the importance of developing a feel for both the upbeat and downbeat of the kick. Demont presents drills that show his unique insight of how the "angles" and elevations of the hand and body position greatly contribute to a fast stroke. Coach Rhodenbaugh focuses his attention on drills that teach a low profile recovery that assist the swimmer to maintain a flat, forward-focused stroke. He also shares a series of kicking drills that help develop a fast and efficient dolphin kick. Augie Busch shares strategies for the underwater kickout and the breakout stroke. The coaches each take their respective demonstrator through a set of four variable speed 25's that give you a chance to see how their techniques and philosophies fit the individual swimmer. 49 minutes. 2006.

Fast Lane Backstroke
Coach Busch begins this four-coach presentation with a brief discussion of the components of backstroke zeroing in on the kick and the catch as the key to developing successful backstrokers. He shares drills that focus on the kick while setting up the proper body position for the stroke. Busch proceeds with a discussion of the catch and the elbow bend for the \throw\" of the pull pattern of the stroke through single arm backstroke drills. He also includes a vertical dolphin kick segment to train the all-important underwater portion of start and turn kick. Rick Demont shares his unique perspective of the stroke nuances through drills that focus on developing a feel for the kick and the catch. He transitions into drills that focus on keeping a smooth and efficient "line" for the stroke. Greg Rhodenbaugh shares hip rotation and stroke tempo drills. Augie Busch's segment focuses upon the underwater element of the stroke, flexibility tips for ankles and the chest that help develop a more effective kick and catch and tempo drills to help develop a "core body" based stroke. The coaches end their segments with a narrated demonstration of a set of 4 x 25's descending from easy to fast, giving you different expert perspectives on the core values of the Arizona philosophy for the backstroke. 67 minutes. 2006

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