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Faster Fast Sprint Freestyle Technique & Drills

Faster Fast Sprint Freestyle Technique & Drills

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with Richard Quick, Auburn Head Coach,
Brett Hawke, Auburn Sprint Coach,
and Bryan Karkoska, Auburn Strength Coach

Coaches Quick and Hawke begin this presentation with a full stroke narrative of Cesar Cielo's and Fred Bousquet's freestyle, while sharing the attributes of a technically sound freestyle stroke. Next, they move into a stroke building progression beginning with body balance and alignment drills before adding propulsion to the balanced sprint position. In the next segment, Quick and Hawke add body rotation with drills that focus on a "core first" connection to the body rotation along with instruction and drills for taking the breath in a way that does not compromise body alignment. Arm movement instruction includes techniques and drills that create a "core to extremity connection" for the sprint stroke. Hawke shares several creative advanced technique drills that he has incorporated into Auburn's sprinting routine. In the final segment, Bousquet and Cielo swim a series of progressive speed sprints, focusing upon increasing speed without compromising technique. This DVD offers a rare opportunity to learn by watching the two fastest sprinters in NCAA history.96 minutes. 2008.


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Richard Quick's Faster Fast Sprint Freestyle Series


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