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Matt Kredich's Technical Stroke 3-Pack

Matt Kredich's Technical Stroke 3-Pack

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Technical Freestyle
with Matt Kredich,
University of Tennessee Head Coach;
2008 SEC Women's Coach of the Year, 4x Ivy League Coach of the Year

This presentation highlights the technical elements that are critical to swimming great technical freestyle. Kredich's innovative drills isolate the most critical positions for attaining forward momentum on the straightest line possible!

Coach Kredich begins on the Vasa Trainer with a physics discussion involving drag forces that a swimmer is faced with when swimming freestyle. This discussion and demonstration shows how to use the levers of the arm while engaging the lats, back and core. Kredich demonstrates how executing a deep catch and then applying pressure on as much surface area on the water as possible in the direction that you want the body to go offers the most effective way to generate forward momentum with each arm pull. This science made simple demonstration incorporates positioning and movement through the entry, catch, pull, finish and recovery. Kredich next shows the basis of long axis swimming with demonstrations of how to execute rotation with good hip stability utilizing boxing gloves. 

In the Kick segment, Kredich reviews the goals of the leg movement required to execute an effective flutter kick. He includes three drills that work on vertical kicking and "speed position" kicking. 

This leads into a one arm freestyle drill that trains the entry into the catch position - perhaps the most critical arm movement of the stroke. The kick, the pull and the rotation are critical elements of moving the fingertips down and forward to attain a deep catch position. Kredich presents two unique drills that help isolate the deep catch position with a focus on core connection for better balance and line. 

Kredich combines the elements of the body position, kicking and deep catch drills into a full stroke demonstration. 

Building upon the deep catch concept, Kredich presents a three-drill series that trains the swimmer to be aware of critical elements of the stroke, including sculling. He also shows a very unique sequence that forces the swimmer to connect the core to the deep catch and forearm anchor concept. 

In a segment on Recovery, Kredich discusses varying recovery styles that may best suit each individual swimmer. He presents a five-drill sequence that combines the elements of the deep catch to the recovery, breathing and timing of the stroke offering a variety of ways to let the swimmer feel various stroke elements. Again, this skill set sequence is followed with a series of full stroke demonstrations. 

Order now and learn the newest, most efficient ways to move through the water in freestyle! 

84 minutes. 2011.

Technical Backstroke
with Matt Kredich,
University of Tennessee Head Coach;
2008 SEC Women's Coach of the Year, 4x Ivy League Coach of the Year

Generate maximum force to propel your body toward a personal best!

On Deck
Coach Kredich begins this presentation on deck with a physics lesson on the movement properties of the backstroke. The movement properties are clearly illustrated using a Vasa Trainer, making it easy to view and understand these critical concepts. 

Though scientific, Kredich simplifies the science of the stroke. 

Kredich specifies arm action to teach when it is important to minimize drag and when it is imperative to maximize drag by presenting a greater surface area to generate maximum forward momentum. This discussion involves specific hand placement upon entry and how to use the levers of the arm to generate force through the arm pull and the finish. 

Kredich next shows boxing drills that teach a swimmer how to engage the entire body in rotational movements that are strong and stable. 

Moving to the Kick, Kredich uses the Vasa Trainer to show how to present surface area of the feet and legs to the direction of the flow. Also, how best to send water back with the feet to generate forward propulsion. In the water, Kredich presents a 5-step drill progression designed to teach the kicking concepts for backstroke. You'll see how to connect the kick with rotation and then progress into connecting the kick into the recovery, catch position and arm pull. 

In the Pool
Kredich shows the power a backstroker can get from proper arm action. He includes four drills for teaching swimmers great arm pull. Kredich specifies the focus of each drill and how it technically connects to the full stroke. 

The Catch segment features three unique drills to train your swimmer to get the hand into a catch position that is loaded and ready to generate force.

A full stroke backstroke segment follows showing how each of the drills connects to various focus points of the stroke. 

In the Stabilization segment, Kredich presents four drills dedicated to keeping the hips stable in the stroke, an area that Kredich believes is imperative to successful backstroke swimming. These drills force the swimmer to engage the abdominals to help with stabilization of the hips. 

In Dolphin Kick Drills, Kredich uses eight drills to teach and train the kick-out that includes the entire process from the push-off into the dolphin kick, and through the transition into the breakout arm stroke and the flutter kick transition. Drills in this segment make the swimmer realize how to develop explosiveness by understanding the technique of the dolphin kick and feeling the power that can be generated in a single kick. 

As an added bonus, Kredich presents three drills that are designed to assist the swimmer in finding the proper catch position. 

Kredich ends this presentation with demonstrations of full stroke backstroke that combines all of the elements that he has presented for swimming a fast, fluid technical backstroke. 

92 minutes. 2011.

Technical Breaststroke
with Matt Kredich,
University of Tennessee Head Coach;
2008 SEC Women's Coach of the Year, 4x Ivy League Coach of the Year

Learn how to generate maximum speed and power by applying every possible force to the water!

Matt Kredich begins by discussing the physics of drag in the breastroke. Using a Vasa Trainer, he discusses the challenges of arm and leg movement in the stroke and the importance of connecting this movement with proper body positioning and timing. 

Specifically, he discusses the importance of low drag in the glide phase of the stroke vs. achieving maximum drag forces in the propulsive phases of the stroke. Kredich makes the science simple with his easy to understand descriptions and on-deck demonstrations. 

A unique Swiss ball exercise demonstrates the importance of engaging the core during the pull phase to help the swimmer hold a great body line in the water. Utilizing a boxing glove drill to train the "lunge" recovery phase, Kredich demonstrates how to move the arms forward in a straight line by engaging the hips and core to allow the swimmer to better explode forward with greater power. 

In the Kick segment, Kredich again uses a Vasa Trainer demonstration to teach all aspects and nuances of a great breaststroke kick. Kredich moves into the weight room for a demonstration on body positioning and how to assist a swimmer to develop a tall straight line posture in the water. This includes an evaluation of hip flexor flexibility and how to stretch tight hip flexors to assist in attaining a much straighter body line in the water.

Kredich starts with three drills that he feels help develop a highly efficient kick. Connecting a vertical kick drill to the pulling movement, Kredich has his demonstrators perform vertical pulling with kicking, which forces explosiveness in the stroke and kick and quickness and efficiency in the arm recovery into streamline. 

Kredich adds three drills that work to connect the kick to body position and work the timing of the kick. Kredich moves into the pull phase of the stroke with two pull-isolation drills that forces the swimmer to maximize forward momentum from every single pull. Kredich brings the recovery into focus with three specific drills to train a fast, efficient and forward focused recovery action. He follows with a pull efficiency drill that heighten the sensation of the pull with increased resistance on the arms. 

In the Breaststroke pullout segment, Kredich discusses the strategies of where best to implement the dolphin kick that is allowed in the pullout. His teaching includes isolating the actual dolphin kick before connecting it to the entire pullout. Focus areas of the Kredich-taught pullout include a strong streamline, early dolphin kick, a pulldown that vaults the body forward and a tight recovery with a strong kick into the breakout stroke. 

Kredich has his demonstrators perform full stroke swimming of the breaststroke that highlights all of the skill set areas covered in building the entire stroke. With demonstrations from a male and two female elite level breaststrokers, you will get a contrasting look at varying styles of the stroke that all incorporate the same technical aspects. 

77 minutes. 2011.

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Learn the technical elements that are critical to swimming great technical freestyle.
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