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David Marsh's Next Wave Technique: Backstroke

David Marsh's Next Wave Technique: Backstroke

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with David Marsh, Head Coach, SwimMAC Carolina; 2012 US Olympic Team Assistant Coach; 3x Olympic Coach; 8x NCAA Coach of the Year, 12 X NCAA Championships at Auburn

David Marsh guides you through the drills and techniques he uses to develop athletes of all levels - from beginner to world-class caliber. With the assistance of Olympic silver medalist Nick Thoman, Coach Marsh provides an in-depth look at everything from the basic fundamentals of the stroke to important details that can be easily overlooked. Coach Marsh and Thoman focus on all aspects of the stroke; body positioning, rotation, hand entry, catch, and kick. They each share drills to enforce each of these elements.

You will see over 30 drills that address every aspect of the latest techniques for swimming fast backstroke. HD underwater footage gives you a view of the stroke from all angles. Coach Marsh details each drill, explaining how and why to do it and what coaches and swimmers should look for as the stroke is being executed. He also introduces drills that can be done with a partner or using simple equipment (from kickboards to soda cans) to add variety and fun to a workout while enhancing technique, addressing stroke flaws and building endurance.

The drills in this presentation give athletes several different ways to improve each essential skill. Coach Marsh begins with a comprehensive drill progression that athletes can use to perfect each aspect of the stroke. He demonstrates drills designed to establish the correct body position and rotation for controlled efficiency- a powerful, hip-driven stroke. He offers a variety of drills for building the new high, fast catch and a pull with a strong tie to core body strength.

In addition, Coach Marsh details the underwater body dolphin, backstroke breakouts and world-class backstroke finishes. The presentation ends with Thoman swimming full stroke at two different tempos while Coach Marsh reviews the characteristics of world-class backstroke.

Though some of these drills may be familiar, plenty of new tips and techniques are covered. Coach Marsh's belief that there is always more to learn makes this presentation indispensable for all levels of swimmers and coaches.

BONUS - Listen in as Coach Marsh individually conducts backstroke diagnostics with developing club swimmers - who he is working with for the first time - using SwimMac's Endless Pool. This unique bonus feature allows you to watch Coach Marsh evaluate and diagnose the stroke and evaluate, correct, teach, and enhance it. This session demonstrates that the concepts he uses with his elite swimmers can be used with younger, developing swimmers.

43 minutes. 2014.